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Emergency Eye Removal and Leg Amputation

  • Name: Iris
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Baby

$710.00 raised of $700.00

 Okay... things are sadly worse than we had originally thought. 

If there was to be any good news, it's that her eye remains attached to her head. But, it appears whatever trauma she endured has punctured the eyeball itself. She will be sedated overnight and the staff will thoroughly clean out the wound to get a better understanding of the wound. As you can see, her face has swollen due to the injury, so she is on antibiotics to help control and prevent infection. The other good news, there are no broken bones on her face.

The bad news. Again, we weren't initially aware until we got her to our ER vet, but she was not walking well and could barely stand on her left front leg. Iris is only 3-4 months old and x-rays showed a wrongly healed BROKEN LEG!! A healed broken leg on a 3-4 month old puppy?! Geez... do you know how young she would have had to be for this to have healed?! My goodness this sweet girl has had a horrible life until now.

Her leg did not heal correctly because the person who was caring for her, didn't take her to a vet. Now - it needs to be amputated! We're still in shock about this development and absolutely heartbroken for her. She's scheduled for amputation tomorrow, and most likely, will also have her eye removed.

She's been nothing but sweet and welcoming of the love she's getting. She deserves nothing but the best care from here on out, and we will continue to need help to care for her. Please consider a donation to help her out.


  • Another step for Iris and her recovery is happening today... she's getting her stitches out from her eye surgery! :)

    She's doing well and we thank you all for your support and donations. Her next step will be to have her leg amputated and we expect that to happen late this week, or early next week. We're waiting just a little bit to do that procedure so she can get used to seeing the world with one eye. Just as your balance can be changed with an eye removal, we didn't want to complicate things and really change her world by doing the amputation at the same time. This way, she can adjust to each at her own pace... and she's doing fantastic!

    January 29, 2018

  • Good Night from Iris

    Iris is recovering tonight after it was determined her eye needed to be removed. She's in good spirits and is safe and tucked in for the night. Her leg will be scheduled for amputation later this week. Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.

    January 15, 2018

  • Iris remains at the ER and is resting comfortably. We mentioned yesterday that she will more than likely lose her eye, but our doctors are going to wait until tomorrow to decide. After cleaning out the wound and allowing the swelling to go down, there may be hope for the eye after all! She will remain on antibiotics and pain meds to help her heal.

    Her leg, sadly, will still be amputated due to the severity of the injury. Because this injury appeared to occur at such a young age, and how it healed, there really is no way to even break and reset the bone. The bone developed very irregularly as she grew, so we concur amputation is best.

    Thank you for all the heartfelt messages and donations of support

    January 13, 2018