BlueBerry's face was ripped from her skull

  • Name: Blueberry
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult


**We received this urgent call for help...

We don't know much at this point but here's what we do know:

Picked up as stray by Animal Control

Major facial damage and de-gloving to muzzle

She is on her way to the ER and your donations are needed to save her.

Our job is to save her, it's the authorities job to find out who is responsible for this horrendous act.


  • Blueberry is enjoying her new toy

    May 22, 2018

  • Blueberry says “ Good Morning” !!! She is about to be released from the hospital and is needing a foster !!! She will need daily hydrotherapy.

    February 05, 2018

  • What we were hoping would not happen, “Happened.” The surgery did not hold. Yesterday she had to undergo surgery again to reattach the parts of her face and mouth that did not hold. We are hopeful that this time it will hold. She is continuing to get 24 hour medical care. She is receiving pain management to help control the pain, she is eating great but still struggling with drinking water as she remains on IV fluids.

    Please consider donating to her care as she still has a long road ahead of her.

    January 29, 2018

  • All the kings horsemen and all the kings men....

    Couldn't do what ONE awesome veterinarian can.

    Blueberry is still swollen from her surgery yesterday but was able to eat being hand fed. She was put on a fluid IV because as you can imagine her jaw is sore but pain meds are being administered. She will also be needing additional surgeries for eye removal and the sutures that are in place are considered temporary to assist in the healing process and stretching of skin. 

    Wet wraps will also begin to be applied to help the healing. 

    All in all she is doing great and her wiggly pittie butt still has its groove which she proudly displayed to her medical team at the ER. 

    We will continue to update on her progress, she is expected to spend the next 7-10 days at the ER so she will have top notch 24 hour medical attention.

    If you would like to donate towards her ongoing medical care please do! Thank you 

    January 21, 2018

  • The Vet with magical fingers has named her


    Surgery has been ongoing for several hours but we are told the Vet is doing the final closures and Blueberry will be given plenty of pain meds to keep her comfortable. Surgery went very well but due to intense swelling we will not know how well until the swelling goes down.

    We are still baffled as to what happened, all injuries are centered around the head area leaving the body virtually untouched.

    We save dogs, it's what we strive to do, it's what gets us out of bed in the mornings and wakes us up in the middle of the nite. We believe EACH and EVERY dog deserves a fighting chance and we will continue to help them until all resources are exhausted. We Love our supporters who believe in us and what we try to achieve, without you, Blueberry would of been euthanized without given a chance.

    Rescue means just that.

    January 20, 2018