Victim of a Vicious Dog Attack

  • Breed: Bulldog
  • Name: Rosie Mae
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

When we get an urgent, life or death call from animal control The Rescue Crew springs into action. On Monday, January 29, we received a request from one of the many local animal control facilities we work closely with asking for our help with this precious girl who was the victim of a vicious dog attack. Rosie Mae had lost a lot of blood, had several deep lacerations and puncture wounds, torn ears and tongue, and a fractured upper canine tooth. Those were the minor issues!  She also had what our vet referred to as a "crushed" front left leg. We dropped everything and rushed to pick her up from animal control and immediately took her to our primary vet clinic who got her stabilized and gave her truly outstanding care.  Upon examination they determined, in addition to her shattered front left leg, that she had a broken upper canine tooth which had the upper tissue essentially completely torn out of her mouth, and needed surgery that evening to repair it.  The next day we consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and had X-rays of her leg reviewed.  Thankfully, we learned that amputation isn't necessary, which was a huge concern at the time.  

Soon Rosie Mae will be undergoing a surgical treatment known as an external fixation repair, where she will have pins inserted thru her skin into bone and then connected to an external rod with clamps (a rigid external splinting apparatus). She will have a lengthy healing process ahead of her (minimally 8-12 weeks) and afterwards the pins will need to be removed once the bone has healed.  As she awaits her surgery, Rosie Mae is safe and being spoiled in her foster home and getting her bandages changed daily from one of her vet clinic partners.  

This is quite an expensive undertaking for a relatively new and small rescue organization to take on, but it's why we're here.  We'd like to thank our partners and the relationships that mean so much to us who helped keep Rosie Mae alive so she could live to see a better day. Save a Life Today!  Please consider donating to her care. Thank you!


  • Rosie Mae completed her major surgery yesterday and will need special attention in order to make a full recovery. She was a wonderful patient and the clinic staff feel head over heals for her. In addition to having her leg repaired with pins attached to a rigid fixator that sits outside of her leg, she also had to have additional oral surgery done to repair another broken tooth and an infection that had started from the original broken canine removed last week. Rosie Mae will need to go back in for additional radiographs in six weeks to ensure she is recovery adequately, and has at least 8-12 weeks of slow healing ahead of her.

    February 09, 2018