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Heart Worm treatment; teeth pulled and cleaning

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Name: Bear
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Senior

$20.00 raised of $570.00

Bear came to us recently with his brother, Peanut, they were owner surrenders. The owner was an elderly gentleman who was walking with a cane now and could not care for his beloved pets any longer. Bear and Peanut had come to him as a young puppies and are now going on 10 years old and weigh 97 lbs. and 91 lbs., respectfully. They are good companion dogs and would love to get a new home together if possible.

We discovered in our vetting of Bear that he is heart worm positive and has a secondary infection going on, probably from bad teeth. He needs treatment for heart worms at a cost of $352 plus antibiotics at a cost of $52.80, teeth cleaning and extracting one bad tooth of $95 and once all of this is done and he is healthy we will neuter him at a cost of $70. So about $570 will be the cost and that does not include the other normal costs for getting a dog healthy and ready for adoption. Please consider helping us help Bear and donate for his cause. 


  • Bear has completed his heart worm treatment and has been neutered. He is doing very well but still needs a teeth cleaning and has a broken tooth that needs pulling. Please help us get this done with donations to cover the cost of all we have done to get Bear ready to be adopted. He would love to be adopted along with his brother, Peanut, who still has some health issues we are trying to resolve. This sweet senior dog deserves a good home for the rest of his days. 

    April 02, 2018

  • Bear is almost finished his heart worm treatment and is doing well. We still have to get him neutered and get his teeth cleaned and one broken tooth pulled. Any donations would be appreciated. His neuter surgery is $70 and teeth cleaning is $90. 

    March 14, 2018