Stuck in a ditch, distressed, and dehydrated

$420.00 raised of $500.00

NamTam was found stuck in a ditch severely distressed and dehydrated.

One of our volunteers was called to help a distressed dog that was stuck in a ditch by a main road. She was stuck, tangled, dehydrated, and wasn't able to move her limbs. We think she had been hit by a car and knocked into the ditch due to the swelling and cuts present all over her body.

We lifted her out of ditch and took her to the local clinic for immediate treatment. She was extremely dehydrated and in such a panic, it was difficult to get her stable. After trying many cooling methods, we finally got her temperature down. 

Her blood results came back showing very low blood palettes and extreme blood parasites that are affecting her brain, causing lack of movement and self control. On top of this, she has a possible leg fracture and is rittled in fleas and ticks that are taking away the little energy she may have left after this traumatizing experience. 

Please help us help this poor girl! If we had not saved her from that ditch, she would have died there distressed and alone. She deserves a chance at life, please help us give that to her!