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Nate's mid-femur amputation

  • Breed: English Bulldog
  • Name: Nate the Great
  • Color: Red
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

Nate the Great was either born with or had an injury to his spinal cord at a very young age. This injury left him unable to control this use of his back legs, along with his bladder and stool.

Nate spent the first year of his life in a horse stall all by himself. He would drag his right rear leg behind him, leaving an open wound that would not heal. When he was finally surrendered, IEBR stepped up to help Nate receive the care that he needs.

Nate saw a surgical specialist and he has already had a second veterinary opinion regarding what options will be best for him. It was decided that a mid-femur amputation of his right rear leg would be best -- due to the bone disintegrating. In the meantime, Nate has been given a wheel chair and a bucket bag to protect his lower limbs; so far, he has been doing really well in his foster home. He is gaining self-confidence and learning how to be loved. While Nate is healing and learning how to be in a normal family environment, he is also waiting for his forever family to find him.

You can make a huge impact on his life by donating toward his medical care and supplies. He is always in need of diapers, leak guard pads, wipes, food, and potty pads. You can make his life a little bit more enjoyable with some toys to play with, while he learns to share with his fur-siblings.

Nate has a long life ahead of him and he will make a great family pet. Wouldn't it be nice if your gifts could help him feel safe and confident? Your gifts will be items he'll have with him when he starts his new journey.

**APRIL UPDATE** Wowza! Nate has received a lot of love from his PoundWishes friends so far! Thank you so much for the monetary donations and the many packages delivered. Nate loves to get mail! The UPS guy loved that items where addressed to Nate The Great. Well....they are for him! As seen in the photos, we got some big boxes! They were filled with diapers, goats milk, wipes, food, potty pads, liners for his belly bands. He even got a new bed and new blanket. Nate loves cardboard, so even the cardboard box was fun for him! 

Nate continues to improve everyday. He has gained weight since his surgery, which is remarkable considering he lost a limb. He's able to stand on 3 legs for longer periods of time now. He is definitely gaining muscle mass. He is due for a check up in May. 

Nate is fun and playful all times of the day. He has been wonderful through the healing process. We are very thankful for all the support from PoundWishes. 


  • WOWZA!!!  Look what came in the mail last week!!  Thank you PoundWISHES friends!!!  I received lots of important supplies that I really, really need and plus the boxes are super fun too. ;)  Love you all! <3 

    April 27, 2018

  • Nate Pupdate from his Foster Momma!!

    He's doing really well! He gaining weight...which is spectacular! Right before his surgery he had lost weight and it wasn't because we were depriving him of food. Lol. I really feel like his leg was making him sicker than he was showing us. :(  Now that he has had the surgery he has gained a few and he's happy about it! He pedals around in his cart and he's really looking forward to warmer weather. He used to spend so much time sun bathing and playing in the hose on really hot days (he's such a puppy!!!) but it's just so cold and he's had to adjust to diaper life. He enjoys bath time though.

    He'll be starting rehab soon! 

    Overall I'd say Nate is stable and happy. He's always been happy! :)

    April 01, 2018