Beaten and poisoned puppies hospitalized

$470.00 raised of $700.00

A group of puppies were cruelly beaten and poisoned by people they trusted.

A few weeks ago, we discovered a group of 7 puppies outside of a house that were in good condition. We were under the impression that the people living there were taking care of them so we have been bringing them food and checking on them once a week.

When we arrived this week to check on the puppies, we were shocked at what we found. We could only find 4 of the puppies and found one of them dead in the woods. We searched all over and found what appeared to be poisoned rice on the ground.

They appeared to have all been beaten and poisoned so we rushed them to the hospital where they are being treated currently. Please help us help these babies! They are way too young to have to go through something so traumatic! Every dollar counts!


  • The puppies are not out of the woods quite yet. They are still very sick from being poisoned and remain in the hospital. On top of this, one of the puppies was severely bitten by another dog leaving puncture wounds in his back and the mama, Goldie, still has a lot of swelling in her mouth from the poison. Please continue to support these babies by donating any amount to their care! 

    March 22, 2018