Broken Leg & Intestinal Blockage

  • Breed: Bulldog
  • Name: Rocky
  • Color: ? string:? string:white ? ?
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

Rocky was someone's pet at one point when he got loose and hit and dragged by a car on the road. 

Rocky was taken to the local shelter and left on pain medication over night until he could be let go to a rescue. His owners didn't come forward and he was quickly turned over to So Cal Bulldog Rescue where we rushed him to Southern California Speciality Vet Hospital for treatment.     

Rocky's injuries include traumatic skin lesions from being dragged by the car when he was hit and one of his rear legs is broken in multiple locations. The X-rays also show that Rocky has a foreign object that looks like a 'babys' pacifier' or hard piece of plastic. This is at risk of being a blockage that has to be removed as well.    

What happened to Rocky was traumatic and scary to say the least, but the good news is with medical care this can be fixed over time. Rocky made it through the emergency room and now we are working to fix his broken leg which due to the location is going require surgery to set the bone with pins.  If the foreign object stays put while his leg is surgery, we'll do another surgery to remove the foreign object from this stomach at a later time.  

Rocky is still a young bulldog and has had a couple bad bits of news all at one time which will take time to fix. So Cal Bulldog Rescue hopes to complete all these surgeries as soon as possible and get him on to the rest of his life with a family that will give him the love he deserves!


  • Brief update!   Rocky's skin is healing nicely and has seen the orthopedic specialist for his broken leg.  The surgery is going to involve the use of an artificial tendon to replace one what is too damaged and the use of an external 'pin system' to support his leg while healing from the surgery.  The external system is less complicated and will help the healing faster as well as lesson the chance for skin infections with constant changes having to be made too the cast.  Rocky is in excellent spirits, tender on his foot still and we have the surgery planned for early next week.  We hope to update soon! 

    March 14, 2018