Sweet Rza needs second ACL surgery

$500.00 raised of $1,600.00

After suffering a torn ACL on his left leg, Rza now needs to undergo another ACL surgery on his right leg.

Rza is such a loving boy that now must undergo 2 major surgeries within a few months of each other. Due to his already existing left torn knee, his right knee is now completely torn as well. This was anticipated to be a problem in a few years, but it is now a problem that we will have to address much sooner than we had hoped.

Rza was surrender to BDR in early July. He's a 2 year old bully breed mix who's personality is exactly what you see in this compilation of photos. He's a big headed soft huffalump who loves everyone and everything he meets. He loves to cuddle and loves companionship. He adores his foster brothers more than life itself, and his foster sisters have come to really enjoy his company as well. He's not the most athletic, he's not the most graceful, poised, but he has an aura about him that is warming and provides comfort. Everyone that meets him falls in love with his happy go lucky outgoing nature. He's a very special boy that deserves to be pain free!

The first surgery was a very hefty fee to begin with, so this additional surgery is a HUGE blow that was NOT anticipated. So we NEED your help. Please consider making a donation of any amount to this amazing boy! He has so much love to give and he deserves to be as comfortable as possible. Thank you so much in advance for your incredible generosity! Rza thanks you more than you know!