Help us save three dogs from death!

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Help Save Frenchies from Death - and This Old Pug!

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Last year Road Dogs & Rescue was asked to help save a couple of Frenchies from shelters in South Korea. SO MANY FRENCHIES GET EUTHANIZED because people do not adopt shelter dogs. We've even rescued one from a meat farm. We have rescued about 10 right now and there are more.

These two Frenchies are the latest in need. They have Heartworm. On top of that, this poor Pug was dumped just because he is old and we have come to learn that he has Distemper.
We can't say no and just let them die. But rescuing dogs from S.Korea is expensive. In the past we have had individual people sponsor dogs for $1000 each but we are just getting too many - and we often spend $1500+ when dealing with medical ones.

If you are a Frenchie lover, please help us save these lives - and more!
Thank you for caring.


  • Thank you Everyone for your donations!  We have five dogs in rescue thanks to you - Dalton, Bruce, Fern the pug, Atlas the sheltie and Farley the fat Frenchie :) 

    Sadly, the old pug took a turn for the worse so we made the decision to let him go peacefully, but we rescued another little pug in his place. She is currently being treated for pneumonia and has heartworm, too. But fingers crossed she will pull through. 

    March 15, 2018