Don't Let Dusty Go Blind!

  • Breed: Schnauzer Mix
  • Name: Dusty
  • Color: Salt & Pepper
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

$1,295.00 raised of $2,500.00

Dusty is rapidly loosing his vision and it needs to be repaired before he goes completely blind!

My name is DUSTY, I am not quite 4 years old. I weigh almost 10 pounds and love to be held and cuddled, but give me a ball or a rope and I am ready to play! If I could talk, then I would tell you about how scared I was when I was on my own. It was so scary because all I see are shadows. I am such a tiny boy that I was considered easy prey for most other animals. You cannot imagine how scared I was and how many times I almost lost my life when I was out there on my own. I don't want to ever be scared like that again!

I had been picked up wandering the streets when I was taken to the shelter. SRC rescued me from the shelter where they started me on the road to recovery. I had a serious skin infection and yeast infections in both ears, was matted to the skin and covered in fleas. I was pretty much skin and bones at that point, so I would not have lasted much longer had kind humans not reached out to help me. Later it was learned that I also have juvenile cataracts in both eyes. That would have been the first thing I would have told them, if I could talk-- because it scares me so much! I feel like I should be able to wipe the smoky haze away from my eyes yet they dim more each day. At first the vet thought it was just one eye, but I am becoming almost totally blind in both eyes and there is a cataract forming on the eye that I can still see from.

I will be completely in the dark soon if someone doesn't help me! I panic just thinking about not ever being able to see again! I already bump into things and have trouble finding my ball when it is right in front of me. It will be very hard for me to play ball, or even to find food and water if someone does not help me soon. It is not my fault and I want so much to play and have fun. I have already suffered so much. If only I had a hero or two who would help me to be able to have the cataract surgery. The vet said that will bring my vision back!

 SRC has already micro-chipped me, had all my vaccinations brought up to-date, heart-worm tested me (I am negative), neutered me. I am being evaluated by my foster family and they say I am a wonderful pup, but it breaks their hearts to watch me try to find the ball when it is so close and still I cannot see it. What an amazing difference cataract surgery could make in my life and I could easily have another 10 to 15 years left here on this Earth. I was treated for the skin infection which may have been caused by poor diet and my ears have cleared up. If I could just have both my juvenile cataracts, removed my life would be perfect! I know that some great family would adopt me then! Could you help make that wish come true for me?  


  • SRC cannot thank you enough for your outpouring of compassion for Dusty!  With the private donations received and all those which have come through this amazing campaign Dusty has funds enough to cover his upcoming surgery.  A check for his initial examination has already been sent out to Animal Eye Care in Cary, NC where Dr. Bridges will be examining Dusty on April 18.  Then with no unforeseen complications a surgery date will be scheduled as soon as Dusty can be fit into the schedule.  His vision is fading rapidly and he seems to be depressed by the change in his vision.  His foster parent had him checked completely by the vet to assure nothing else was wrong and it is felt he is just having problems adjusting to the dimming of his eyesight.  Bless you for giving him the gift of eyesight once again!

    March 20, 2018