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URGENT: Odey’s Life-Saving Open Heart Surgery

  • Breed: Maltese
  • Name: ODEY
  • Color: White
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Baby

Puppy Odey was abandoned in a park at only five (5) weeks old. He couldn't walk or even hold his head up; it was clear that he was starving and dehydrated.

Odey's medical needs were extremely severe and was rushed to Animal Services, where the on-site vet discovered that he was suffering from at least one, if not two, heart problems. Odey's heart has a 6/6 murmur. Additionally, an Electrocardiogram showed two holes in his heart, requiring multiple very dangerous, life-threatening surgeries. Pups with these heart problems rarely live a few months. The first of his complex surgeries was set for March 29 at 7:00 a.m. The second surgery will take place after recovery. Odey doesn't deserve to die young and unloved; he's so sweet and loves cuddles and his blankets.  

Odey is so young and has already gone through so much pain and heartache, but he has shown us that he is fighter. Please help him in this journey so that gets to live the happy life he deserves. You can make a difference in his life by donating to his campaign or purchasing items off of his wishlist. No donation or purchase is too small.


  • Odey is still doing well...He is on his heart medications and special food.  We are in a holding pattern unless something bad happens between now and December to have a Echocardiogram done again.  All your prayers and help has truly made a difference in this little guys life.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated!!!

    August 02, 2018

  • We are ecstatic and so is Odey’s specislist.  Echocardiogram showed the PDA surgery he had earlier this year was a SUPER SUCCESS  and even though most have a leak, Odey’s DOES NOT AND IS TOTALLY CLOSED! That heart defect is CORRECTED! The Pumonic stenosis has remain as is whixh is also good! There is a window for correction so we will have another echocardiogram in December. His blood pressure was GOOD today. I know all of you have to be as thrilled as we are. I will be happy to keep posting. We have to watch that he doesnt develope arthmias. If so it is a fast trip to his surgeon who is open 24/7. 

    June 25, 2018

  • Letting all of Odey’s friends know that our Odey is doing good. 15 days til his Echocardiogram! 

    June 10, 2018

  • Prayers please that Odey’s echocardiogram set for June 25th will be favorable and he wont need the pulmonic stenosis surgery.

    June 04, 2018

  • Odey doing much better and his little body is fight this cold with a bit of antibiotics. Plenty of rest and food and love. 

    May 30, 2018

  • Odey will be probably seeing one of his doctors this coming week because he has developed yet another “cold” for the third time in as many months and is feeling pretty lousey and is on antibiotics. As you recall he is set for his ecocardiogram 6/25/18 to determine if surgery is needed for the pulmonic stenosis. When is is feeling well hd is a little dickens and loves playing with any dog that will play with him. He is growing pretty well. It sppears his eyes are causing him some discomfort and heavily watering so we will check in that. Odey has received so many wonderful gifts from his wishlist. We thank you for caring!

    May 27, 2018

  • Odey seems to have just about recovered from the upper respiratory infection. He is running out the dog door and bsck in the say HI. He tires easily but takes multiple naps! 

    June 25 is Odey’s echocardiogram and our conference with the specialist. We will know if more surgery is in Odey’s future or not. 


    May 11, 2018

  • Iit has been a whole day with normal temp and he has found a rice/chicken casserole that he really liked and finally started eatting and he has now been drinking his Pedialyte. Cannot tell you how much better he is acting!  Thsnk you for all the prayers. He is to continue his antibiotic until used up!

    May 08, 2018

  • Our little Odey is still pretty sick and running high fever.

    He is on antibiotics every 12 hours and liquid Tramadol every 8 hours. His eyes were squinted this morning and very watery. We have been giving him food supplement Dyne and Pedialyte every couple hours because he isnt drinking or eating. 

    Our little fighter isn't out of the woods yet please consider being a hero for him and donating to his care or purchasing items from his wish list that will bring him comfort. 

    May 05, 2018

  • 5/3/18 Odey was lethargic, not eating and sleeping most of the time.

    He developed a fever 5/4/18 of 104.2 and we rushed him to an emergency clinic. He had blood work, xrays, ekg, sub-q fluids, a consult with cardiologist, and has been put on antiobiotics. There was a strange sound in his chest most likely due to the valve that may require surgery so now they want the expensive echo-cardiogram run sooner than later to see how his heart is. 

    Please help us heal our poor boy by donating to his care or purchasing items from his wishlist that will keep him happy and hopeful.

    May 04, 2018

  • Today is a rough day for Odey - quite tired but still very loving.

    The specialist surgeon wants to run tests when he is 6 to 7 months old to see the maturity of his body to see if it still requires the pumonic valve Stenosis heart surgery. 

    Today Odey received another loving box of wishlist items, comfy blankets, play suits, and a couple toys. He is currently napping on one of the cushy blankets.

    He’s somewhat a spoiled little boy with all the love you all have shed on him. If he could he would definitely say thank you! 

    May 03, 2018

  • Odey will see the surgeon end of June beginning of July, undergo a series of tests including another Echocardiogram. They want his body to mature a month or two before determining if the pumonic valve stenosis surgery is necessary. 


    April 27, 2018

  • Odey’s surgeon has asked for Odey to be examined by a Cardiologist so that will be set up in the next month so we know what and when the next steps will be for his health. This will be a complete medical work-up. He is acting good, spunky, very loving but does tire quickly. All of you that have donated to his health and sent items from his Wish List have been so thoughtful. He is a spoiled little monkey!  Thsnk you. On a happier note, Odey lost his first baby tooth on 4/15/18. 

    April 17, 2018

  • STITCHES ARE OUT!   Chest cold is getting under control. Odey tires easily which is to be expected because of the pulmonic vslve stenosis but when he is up and going he can be a little terror but so full of kisses! His whiskers are comng in better as are his eye lashes and even though he has his babyteeth some of the adult teeth are coming in. WE THANK EVERYONE THAT HAS HELPED AND SENT PRAYERS FOR ODEY!

    April 12, 2018

  • Odey has become very lethargic and is on extra meds for the upper respitory infection. We are having to give him food supplements cuz he isnt eating well. Consideration to up date the electrocardiogram is being looked at for the pulmonic valve Stenosis s surgery. the Pulmonic Valve Stenosis surgery is a highly specialized surgery and is very expensive.

    Please Help Odey!

    April 07, 2018

  • Odey has been very lethargic for 4 days so we saw the doctor again. Blood work was satusfactory as was xrays and fecal so they feel his body just needs more time to recover. However his Pumonic Valve Stenosis is still strong and we are determining pos surgery. 

    April 05, 2018

  • Odey has become very lethargic. Saw doctor Wednesday and set to see her again this Saturday. He has a slight chest cold and he is eating but isnt himself 

    April 04, 2018

  • 48 hours after open heart surgery and Odey if getting good accounts for his health. His heart murmur has gone from 6/6 to 3 or 4/6. It isnt great but for him right now it is marvelous! He will have to be monitored for a while for determination on possible pulmonic stenosis surgery which placing a baloon in a heart artery. Keep the prayers coming cuz he has so much love and energy though on a moderate level. He got his catheter out today. 

    March 31, 2018

  • Frday 3/30/18 and Odey came home with more meds. Back tomorrow for doctors to make sure all id going well. He wasnt eating so they were worried he was becoming depressed. Tonight we are happy and eating and giving kisses!! He is making a great recovery which makes many people very happy. 

    March 30, 2018

  • Update, blood work today was so good, big improvements, kidneys now good, anemia gone, white count now in normal limits, and nothing to be concrrned with. The ears are nice and clean with no bacteria infection found. 

    March 30, 2018

  • Odey gloriously survived his open heart PDA surgery and stats are really terrific. He is resting nicely  tonight and will see his surgeon in the morning . 4 hrs after surgery this little guy was up and walking!

    March 29, 2018

  • Odey has been on special antibiotics, vitamins, skin cream, antibiotic ear wash and twice daily ear drops for 8 days which have helped dramatically but the surgeon advised surgery must be this Thursday 3/29/18 because pups with his heart conditions only live a few months. He is 11 weeks. He can now hold his head up, walk short distance, and he found his bark. His appetite is good and he drinks ample pedialite for the electrolutes. He is so loving and gives many kisses! 

    March 24, 2018

  • Please pray for a successful surgery on 3/29/18

    March 24, 2018