HELP! Found on the streets in horrendous condition

  • Name: Daisy
  • Sex: Female

$500.00 raised of $500.00

Daisy was found on the streets in the most horrendous condition. She has a massive infection all over her body and needs urgent help.

We got a call about a stray dog wandering around Modesto, CA. We took one look at her and knew we had to help this poor girl. She has clearly been severely neglected and not taken care of. Not only does she have infections in her eyes and ears but she has a severe case of Mange all over her body. We will be taking her to the vet for a full check up to see if she has any internal problems.

Although she is very sick, she is so loving and just wants to be by your side. She is one of the sweetest girls and is so thankful to be rescued. We could really use your help with her recovery. Please consider making a small donation to Daisy so we can get her feeling better in no time!


  • Daisy today in her new foster possibly adoption home. How adorable is this girl omg!

    May 03, 2018