$360.00 raised of $600.00

Her euthanasia was set for 9 am this am simply because she had no rescue and the shelter is full. Just a number ?KENNEL 19? no name , no identity , just a number that was fading fast. ?

Her name is ?Shimmer? (named by my granddaughter when I showed her the dejected puppy in the forgotten kennel ....)

VERY OFTEN , we as rescuers trade restful nights and heart palpitations for this .... the result of the nights you Laid Awake with worry and lost heart beats of your own ......

Is all

Worth it when you see the evidence of your hard work.... a life spared ...... the look of gratitude and relief....

This one was not easy but it fell in line because really good people stepped up to help me make it happen.

Please if you pledged for her, please honor here. She is resting safely tonight and Foster and will follow up with the vet tomorrow. She's got a very bad eye issue going on that will require surgery. Purely a sweetheart !

Ty to everyone who helped this to happen for ?her?

I think she's part shepherd or Mal!

She's in foster in Texas for the moment but will be heading to Florida.