Senior desperately needs medical care

  • Breed: Maltese
  • Name: Angel
  • Color: White
  • Size: Small
  • Age: Senior

$305.00 raised of $900.00

This sweetheart was found abandoned in Miami Dade County and was picked up and taken to the overcrowded shelter where he sat alone in a cage waiting for a miracle.  Unfortunately the odds were not on his favor because he is a senior and has multiple health conditions.  He has severe dental calculus and gingivitis, was found matted, flea infested, has possible arthritis, ocular changes, unstable gait, rear legs are weak, heart murmur grade V/VI, enlarged prostate and is underweight. 

Humane euthanasia was recommended if he continued to deteriorate which he was because no medical care was being provided at the county shelter

This little boy will need lots of TLC and extensive medical care, but he now has a fair chance.  Miami Dade Animal Services has an overwhelming amount of pets and they are killing for space, people keep dumping dogs and also surrendering their animals there which makes it impossible for these dogs to walk out of there alive.

Please give ANGEL the gift of life, donations are needed for this loving senior 


  • He is slowly recovering his health, he is on a special diet and is receiving lots of TLC.  Lab work was performed again last week to evaluate his liver values, he is making progress and is feeling much better.  He has more energy, is more alert and gets along perfectly fine with other dogs  Angel is a wonderful boy and we are happy to give him a second chance. We love his personality and his willingness to live.

    May 14, 2018

  • This gentle senior is recovering slowly. Angel is eating, gaining weight and is more alert now.  He has an appointment set up with the cardiologist because he has an enlarged heart and a grade V heart murmur, we are staying positive for him.  He is getting a bit stronger and needs your prayers and support.  He is a joy to be around, he is friendly, gets along perfectly great with other dogs and deserves to know love and compassion in his golden years

    May 02, 2018

  • Angel had been doing great these past few days, but this morning he did not have an appetite, was a bit weak and sad. He was taken to the vet to find out what can be going on with this fragile and old boy. Liver values are elevated and an abdominal ultrasound was recommended as well as an echocardiogram because his heart is enlarged at this time. Vet believes he is around 12 years of age and is hopeful that Angel will make a full recovery

    Angel will have these imaging studies tomorrow and we are praying and staying positive for him. Thank you for your love and support!!! 

    April 17, 2018