Emergency care needed for Titan ASAP!

  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Name: Titan
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

$3,320.00 raised of $3,500.00

We just picked up this guy and he is heading to one of our partner emergency vets now. We cannot express how much we need your help! PLEASE DONATE & SHARE! He's so gentle, it's heartbreaking. He was found wandering, tired and hungry. We don't know his name. Sadly, despite being posted around, no one has come for him. We're calling him TITAN. So far, he is VERY well behaved, BUT HE REALLY NEEDS HELP! When we saw him, we knew by the condition of his skin and his sad eyes that he was confused, lonely and in PAIN! He has hair loss all over his body and blood around his eyes. If you can spare a cup of coffee today to help this sweet guy out, it would mean the world to him. We'll update as we get more information!


  • He is doing very well getting adjusted in his foster home. His skin condition is improving and next week he will go in for another check up. For now he's spending time with his new family and loving all the attention!

    July 10, 2018

  • Can you believe this is the SAME DOG?! Without you, we could not have provided much-needed veterinary care Titan (or any others) so THANK YOU for continuing to donate. You are truly changing the lives of each and every senior you help. Titan was posted as needing rescue with photo #1. How could you NOT WANT TO HELP those sad eyes? Titan spent a week at a partner clinic while they did multiple tests on his skin, treated a UTI and somehow navigated their way through some horrific ear infections! We didn't feel comfortable putting him in a foster home without knowing exactly what he was suffering from. We took our time to learn, investigate, test and treat before placing him. He continues to see the vet and dermatologist and is getting medication and so much more! He has another appointment this week where we will learn if his ears have shown improvement to avoid one side needing ear canal removal. Titan is still recovering, but check out the second photo of Titan today. THIS IS WHAT RESCUE IS ABOUT! Thank you to our army of supporters for all the food, comfy bedding, toys and financial contributions. Titan is brighter and healthier and on the road to a wonderful future because of you. Together, we continue to save!!

    July 10, 2018

  • Look at that hair growing back!! Thank you for all your help and support so far. Titan is still working on his ear infections, but his skin has made progress by miles!! You truly make a difference and we are forever grateful for all you do for our seniors.

    July 04, 2018

  • Titan had his visit with the dermatologist (and his neuter) and we got both good and challenging news. 

    The good news first! He doesn't seem to be allergic to much in the environment (at least right now). He tested positive for allergies to moths, sheep and a couple of molds that no one can really control in the environment. Come fall, he might show positive for more things, but right now this is GOOD news and means he won't need to start allergy injections. He does still get a little itchy when we cut down on using allergy meds, so our next step for him will be to try a food trial to see if that is what's causing his skin issues. For now, his hair is growing back in most places and his skin is looking really good! His foster has done a fantastic job caring for him and we're cutting him down to baths 1x per week. 

    Now the challenging part: THOSE EARS! ! The left ear (the one that stands up) was cleaned really well and the dermatologist was able to clean the middle ear and get all the gross gunk out. Both ears are still severely infected, but it's because they were so enflamed and the dirt/debris was so impacted that much of the implanted medication the vet used and any meds/cleaner weren't even making it anywhere!

    The right ear, on the other hand, is quite a MESS! It has so much impacted goop in there that it has actually calcified shut! It is so mineralized that the doctor was unable to get more than a very small thread catheter into the canal. This ear is one that she recommended might need the entire ear canal removed if some new meds do not help bring down the swelling and loosen things up. She said despite his happy demeanor, Titan has been in pain for quite some time. Before we do something as drastic as removing the canal, though, we decided on a few new meds and will give them a chance to work their magic. We'll do a recheck in 2 weeks, then again at a month. If the ear has seen no change, then we will consider removing the ear canal completely. 

    The cost of the visit was steep and more than expected, but it was really helpful for us to get some answers about the best way to help this guy. He is doing better and better every day -- eating well, gaining weight and slowly but surely his hair is coming back in. We are working hard and smart to get Titan healthy again and appreciate any amount you can send his way to help with his medical needs. 

    June 28, 2018

  • CHECKUP DAY! Our boy Titan has put on 4 lbs. since he was in last and his hair is starting to come back!! He's still got a nasty ear infection that we treated again with medication they put directly in the ear (no followup meds needed, making it easier for the foster) and he's trying a few weeks of Apoquel, an allergy med to take the place of prednisone and that we hope will continue to relieve his itching. He's still on medicated baths three times/week and overall his skin is looking and feeling a LOT better (see hair growth in picture!)! We're definitely seeing progress!

    Next up: His neuter and a visit with the dermatologist to see exactly what he may be allergic to. Today, he met some pups in the clinic lobby and did great! He's been hanging around with kids this week also and has done just fine with them. He's just a sweet, mellow guy who's curious about what's happening around him -- but he's smart and can still tune out the world when it's time for his nap!

    Titan is still in need of a few things to continue his road to recovery. He would appreciate donations of fish-based food and if he responds successfully to the Apoquel, we will continue with that medication. It will be pricey for such a big dog, so we are still seeking further funding. While he is under for the neuter, we will also give him a good ear flush to eliminate all the bacteria that is hiding in those floppy ears we all know and love. The allergy testing itself will be a bit steep, but we need to do everything we can so the family who eventually brings him home has a working plan in place and the best chance of successfully helping him! Anything you spare will mean the world! Thank you for your support of this sweet boy!!

    June 04, 2018

  • This boy continues to amaze us with how well he's doing. So gentle, so sweet, so appreciative of everyone he meets. We got good news from his bloodwork! His levels are all in good range and he is FREE of heartworm and tickborne diseases! Fresh skin scrapes revealed he has a raging bacterial infection and some yeast, so we'll keep him on a few meds and have started him on medicated baths in hopes they'll soothe his crusty skin and ease the itchiness. If not, we'll go down the road unraveling whether he has allergies. His stray hold with us is up on Thursday and then we'll place him into a foster home where he can relax in peace as we continue to help him walk the road to recovery!

    All of us at Grey Face can't begin to express how absolutely amazing it has been to see such an outpouring of support and love for this handsome guy. For all of our dogs really. Each one has a back story and a personal fight they overcome that is significant. Thank you for never giving up on these seniors. We can't say it enough: Your support truly MATTERS. Watching Titan as he relaxes more and more each day and begins to heal is pretty much one of the coolest things ever. One of our supporters said it best, “He's gonna make one heck of a comeback.” He sure will. So glad you are all here with us to see it! 

    May 15, 2018

  • THANK YOU all for your outpouring of support for our boy Titan. He has a lot of challenges before him, but he is in good spirits and so, SO ridiculously sweet!! He made it to our partner clinic and will be getting the works to make sure he is healthy and that whatever is going on with his skin is not contagious and that he can finally find some RELIEF!!! We don't know how much it will take to help this sweet boy, so we could use any help you are willing to give to him. We have discovered that he has a UTI double ear infections already so we have started him on meds for those. Before we get any other results in from bloodwork, we have the following on his list of needs. 

    • Sedated exam  - he is much too sensitive to do an exam everywhere without this!
    • Ear flush - his ears are crusted inside and out with dirt, debris and who knows what else
    • Ear cytology + meds - we already know he has an infection
    • Rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccines
    • Blood panel, including thyroid test - we'll make sure he is healthy internally!
    • 4dx to test for heartworm and tickborne diseases - crossing fingers all is normal!
    • Urinalysis - he's been diagnosed with a UTI already and we have started him on meds
    • Fecal test & dewormer - we will clear up any parasites they find!
    • Multiple skin scrapings - to figure out what is going on
    • Medicated baths and skin treatment - poor baby needs to feel better!
    • Nail trim - they are so long they are curling under
    • Aspirates of any lumps - we do this for all of our dogs
    • Hospitalization at our partner vet while he recovers a bit from his infections
    • Neuter - for his safety in the future!

    With just the basics covered before all treatment, we are looking at potentially about a $1000 in vetting bills. Because of this, we are raising our goal to make sure we can get him everything he needs to be healthy again. Anything raised above and beyond what we ask will go to help other urgent dogs in need who come to us after Titan. But first, we will do whatever it takes to care for this handsome gentleman. Sleep well tonight, sweet Titan, Grey Face has your back from now on. 

    May 11, 2018