Deadly disease threatening Bobo's life

  • Name: Bobo
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

$840.00 raised of $1,000.00

Bobo has TVT (a sexually transmitted cancerous virus that is deadly), is covered in ticks, has a nasty swelling above his eyes, is riddled with worms, and may have blood parasites.

Headrock Dog Rescue's outreach manager thankfully saw him and approached who she thought were the owners. They weren't Bobo's actual owners but rather, a good-hearted Burmese couple who were feeding him. They knew something was very wrong but had no money to help him.

Bobo is a very sick dog and vets were unsure if he would be strong enough for chemo injections. They also needed to establish if he had blood parasites as well. After receiving initial test results, it seems that poor Bobo not only has TVT on his penis, but also has it in his head, as well. In the meantime, the vet was able to stabilize him and run blood tests.

Thankfully, secondary results show that Bobo doesn't have any blood parasites at the moment, so vets were able to give him his first chemo injection. He will need many injections to ensure the virus is eradicated. Each injection costs 600 Baht or $19 USD.

Please help us help Bobo. He will not be able to get through these challenges on his own. Any donation amount will help us save his life. You can also purchase an item off his wishlist to give him some comfort during this time. Anything and everything is so extremely helpful!


  • Bobo is suffering from TVT in his head and his penis. Thankfully, it is not in his brain and he started his treatment last week and is already showing great signs of recovery. 

    The Burmese family who are caring for Bobo are giving him the love and companionship he needs. This sweet little girl is great friends with him and he's beginning to heal. Before we started to help Bobo they didn't know what was wrong and they had no money to treat him.

    He definitely would have died but now he has a good chance of recovery. Bobo will need a long course of chemo injections to ensure the infection in his head is completely eradicated. 

    Please help us with Bobo's treatment. One injection is under $20.00 and a donation of any amount would help us and Bobo.

    May 21, 2018