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Puppy mill survivors need help!

  • Breed: Cocker Spaniel
  • Name: Olivia and Ellie
  • Color: Tan
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

$755.00 raised of $2,000.00

Olivia (buff in lower corner) and Ellie (red and white upper corner) came into rescue from a puppy mill in South Illinois. Once Rockstar Cocker had them in their possession, they took immediate action to get these terrified girls in for wellness checkups and basic vetting needs. Both Olivia and Ellie cringe at the very thought of being touched, so broken and unsocialized.

In the picture it is difficult to see two bodies because they cling to each other in fear. They came to the rescue with no names and no identity. Here is what the initial vetting discovered: Olivia is an almost 8 year old female cocker that has had many litters for profit, only to fill the pockets of a breeder while given nothing in return. Olivia tested heartworm positive and is riddled with mammary tumors that are cancerous. Her mouth was so bad that the vet had to extract 29 teeth. Right now, she is on preventative measures to keep the heart worms from progressing, and they are starting her on supplements designed for cancer dogs, along with quality, fresh made food to help her body try and fight back. Olivia was reunited with a litter mate in her foster home, Annie, that came into rescue in 2017. Annie had and continues to have the same fight that Olivia has (cancer and many teeth extractions). Imagine our surprise when we discovered they came from the same mill and had the same birth date!

Ellie is an almost 7 year old female cocker that has suffered many of the same tragedies that Olivia has while being in the mill, but now she is safe and learning to trust. She was bred over and over and then disposed of when the profits stopped with no puppies. Ellie is heartworm negative, thankfully, and no obvious signs of cancer, but she also has now had 17 teeth extracted. Ellie has a bone deficit in her mouth, which hopefully they can reverse, so she doesn't lose any more teeth or suffer a fractured jaw bone. Ellie will be spayed as soon as her body recovers from the effects of living in a mill.

These girls deserve so much better, and we are giving that to them. Their vetting bills have reached $1,800 and there will be more to come. We ask that you consider supporting us in trying to help these two wonderful beings live the life they deserve -- as loved companion pets in forever homes.