Temple dog will die without your help

  • Name: Uthai
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Female

$930.00 raised of $1,000.00

Uthai was found in a nearby temple walking in circles with life-threatening medical issues. She needs help now.

We recently visited the temple where I saw a dog walking round and round. We had a conversation with her carer and explained that she needed immediate medical care and we offered to take her to the vet but the carer said no.. She did not understand that this dog is very sick. She's been bitten in the face and infection has set in from her neck upwards. She's having difficulty swallowing and she's gone blind.

We ended up having the vet come to the temple and he gave her several injections to help her. He then noticed that her vulva was red and swollen. Turns out... she has TVT. Unfortunately, she's very weak and we do not think she is strong enough for chemo injections at this point. She needs to be on a drip and have a course of injections for her kidneys and liver. Then she will need chemo injections. Her carer refuses to let her go to the clinic

Before we leave for Bangkok tomorrow morning we'll return to try to persuade this woman to let the dog stay in the vet's clinic.
If not, we have no choice but to get her treated in the Temple but her chances of making a speedy recovery won't be so good.

We desperately need your help to help us finance this sick dog's recovery. Please donate, any amount will help more than you know!


  • We are sad to repot that Uthai has died. The vet who's been caring for her visiting her every day at the Temple sent a message to us yesterday with the news.. We're very sad because she seemed to be getting better. We don't know what she died of but the lady who was caring for her said she ate the day before and didn't seem like she was near death. Maybe she was just exhausted but we will never know.

    We want to thank everyone for their donations. They have been so welcome and have paid for her treatment thus far. Any of the remaining donations will go towards Temple dogs just like sweet Uthai. This money will help us pay for neutering the older pups and vaccinating the younger pups plus de-tick treatment for all. 

    June 25, 2018

  • Uthai is 600ks away from us but we're in constant touch with the vet. I was worried she had encephalitis from infected bites on her throat. She has daily injections from the vet and her infection is clearing up. She's still walking around but is starting to be aware of the vet and her injections. She looks much fatter and is eating well.

    We're very grateful to an old lady who works at the Temple and is taking care of her. Uthai's enclosed area is spotless. 

    We're paying for all Uthai's treatment and would be so grateful for any donations to help!

    June 07, 2018

  • We spoke to the vet this morning after visiting Uthai before traveling to Bangkok. Her constant circling makes me concerned she has encephalitis.
    She's had no medical treatment after being bitten in the face and it appears the infection has reached her brain. She's already blind. The vet felt it was very possible and said he was about to visit her to give her more injections. We've agreed to pay for all her treatment and I hope our help hasn't come too late.
    She's been put in a safe place at the Temple as her carer won't let her stay at the vet's clinic. TVT treatment won't be possible until she recovers which I pray she will.
    Please help us help with donations to save her life.

    May 23, 2018