Needing Medical Services Tumor Removal, Spay & Vac

  • Name: Luna Homeless in Puerto Rico
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

$235.00 raised of $850.00

LUNA's rescuer Pedro opened his front door one day and to his surprise there was LUNA ... a big mean looking Pitbull.   In addition, Pedro had never seen LUNA before so not knowing if LUNA was friendly or not he quickly closed the door and watched to see if she would leave.  LUNA stuck around.  And finally when Pedro could no longer wait for LUNA to leave he ventured outside, cautiously, but was greeted with what anyone who knows a Pitty would expect - wiggles and waggles and love.   

On closer inspection it is clear she was once owned as someone clipped her ears.  She also has 2 massive tumors, one on her head the other on her back that our Vets recommend removal of ASAP.   She clearly needs medical help and seems to have (finally) picked the right house for help!    She is now safe but not healthy!   Help us get LUNA the Vet care she needs to give her the healthiest life possible.   


  • We had a little language  glitch.   We thought the surgery had been completed and LUNA's rescuer was patiently waiting for us to raise all the money.   Kindly they didn't want to bother us.   But when we checked in for new photos we got these and we realized our error.    So we hope the operation to remove the tumors and spay LUNA will happen next week.  Unfortunately with the Hurricane Beryl and our Vet moving to a new location, this week might not be available.   Our apologies everyone.  The good news is she is off the streets and with a very wonderful family that would not be able to help her without us!  Please help us help LUNA!!

    July 09, 2018

  • just in , luna photos!   

    Her surgery and Spay will happen soon and are not possible without your donations!   No donation is too small and every share can make the difference!  We wish every unwanted Puerto Rican animal to find the rescuers LUNA did.  How heartwarming!!!

    June 11, 2018

  • We apologize for the lack of new photos.

    LUNA's rescuer does not have the ability to take photos but a neighbor has offered to try and get us some.   The surgery has been scheduled and we know the rescuer wants the best for LUNA!   Normally our Vets grab us photos and we will continue to ask the neighbor!   Thank you all for helping LUNA with your donations and your shares!

    June 05, 2018

  • Sweet LUNA at the Vet ---- Surgery is scheduled!

    May 27, 2018