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Blind, unregulated diabetic needs us ASAP!

  • Breed: Pomeranian
  • Name: Maggie
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

$200.00 raised of $2,000.00

Maggie is blind from cataracts, the result of unregulated diabetes that was just diagnosed in a local shelter. 

Maggie was originally from a home where there were too many other animals, and as a result, she has a number of conditions that were never treated and now require immediate medical care. Maggie not only has to get her diabetes under control, but we will also be addressing her dry eye, cherry eye, luxating patellas and cataracts. Our priority is to work on her blood sugar levels.

Diabetic dogs are superheroes, requiring insulin daily and special food – and with a great vet in your corner, the condition is manageable. The process of getting her regulated can be pricey, though, and Maggie will require frequent vet visits and multiple blood tests over several weeks, possibly months, to ensure the insulin we put her on is working. She will also require regular monitoring as we work through her remaining challenges. Diabetic dogs are dealt a bad hand, but these pups are often the most grateful ones in the pack because they appreciate so much that they got a second chance.

Please, help us show Maggie that her condition will not cast a shadow on an otherwise wonderful dog. We know from past diabetic cases that at least $2000 is a reasonable expectation as we work to get her healthy and regulated. If you are able to donate anything toward her initial care or send a gift to Maggie from her wishlist, we know this sweet face would appreciate it. Thank you for always believing in our mission and our efforts. Your support of our seniors makes so much difference.


  • Sweet Maggie has good news to share! Her blood sugar has already come back in line after starting on insulin and her numbers are looking great! She had her teeth cleaned also (nothing pulled!) and everything cleaned up nicely. Now that she's all healthy again, she is LOVING life playing daily with the new toys she received from all the wonderful people who donated through her wish list! THANK YOU to all who have helped her on her journey so far. We could not help pups with special needs without YOU! Maggie's medication to manage her diabetes costs us about $25 a month for the insulin (Novalin-N) and $13 every 50 days for the syringes. She also is on special food, which we estimate will be about $47 every 10-12 weeks.

    Some people say diabetics will never get adopted. We disagree! Maggie is a special gal seeking a special family who would love to give her humans endless amounts of snuggles. Please, if you aren't able to donate toward her recent dental care and medical bills to get her healthy, please SHARE sweet Maggie's story! This baby face will love her people unconditionally and offer SO much love daily. Could YOU be the ONE who helps her forever family discover her?

    August 02, 2018

  • An update on Maggie's medical needs: She went in for her first glucose curve after starting on insulin. A glucose curve helps determine how long the insulin is lasting for her, when its effectiveness peaks and how much her blood glucose fluctuates throughout the day. It helps us know if she is getting the proper type and dose as well. The good news is, her body is responding to the insulin and her numbers are looking better! We got to her in the nick of time. Her last appointment showed ketones in her urine, a condition that can result in acidosis and electrolyte abnormalities -- she was nearing a potential crisis situation that, if left untreated, could have turned fatal. When she came to us, she was having accidents during the day and soaking her kennel at night. She was weak and would pant a lot. Now that her glucose is starting to come under control, she is able to hold her potty, has bounced back with puppy-like energy and no longer sounds like she just ran a marathon. One step at a time, sweet girl.

    As we keep working on her glucose levels, we are also preparing to clean her teeth, something that is critical to getting a diabetic regulated! Maggie was diagnosed with Stage 3-4 teeth, which means severe infection is present in her mouth. This kind of infection can hinder her levels from coming further under control -- it's so important to Maggie's health for her to have a clean and healthy mouth! Because of her diagnosis, she requires a bit of extra care during the procedure and our vetting estimate reflects that careful monitoring. Please, if you can spare a few dollars to help this sweet girl, we know she would truly appreciate it. 

    June 28, 2018