Blind, unregulated diabetic needs us ASAP!

  • Breed: Papillon
  • Name: Maggie
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

$180.00 raised of $2,000.00

We don't know much about Maggie other than she's a mess and needs us ASAP!

Maggie is blind from cataracts, the result of unregulated diabetes that was just diagnosed in a local shelter! When we saw her sweet face, we KNEW we had to HELP! Maggie was originally from a home where there were too many other animals and as a result she has a number of conditions that were never treated and now require immediate medical care. Maggie not only has to get her diabetes under control, but we will also be addressing her dry eye, cherry eye, luxating patellas and cataracts! First up, however, we will work on her sugar levels!

Diabetic dogs are superheroes, requiring insulin daily and special food – and with a great vet in your corner, the condition is VERY manageable. The process of getting her regulated can be pricey, though, and Maggie will require frequent vet visits and multiple blood tests over several weeks, possibly months, to ensure the insulin we put her on is working. She will also require regular monitoring as we work through her remaining challenges. Diabetic dogs are dealt a bad hand, but these pups are often the most grateful ones in the pack because they appreciate so much that they got a second chance. Please, help us show Maggie that her condition will not cast a shadow on an otherwise wonderful dog. We know from past diabetic cases that at least $2000 is a reasonable expectation as we work to get her healthy and regulated and treat related conditions. If you are able to donate anything toward her initial care, we know this sweet face would appreciate it. Thank you for always believing in our mission and our efforts. Your support of our seniors makes so much difference!