2 Cats & 1 Dog Abandoned After Hurricane Maria

  • Name: Sasha, Nicola and Nisa Need Your Help To Be Safe & Healthy
  • Age: Young

$150.00 raised of $400.00

We were contacted by a woman in Aguada, PR about her neighbor who was hospitalized and later passed away leaving their 3 animals in the home.  The family members who arrived to take care of the home and her belongings threatened to dump Sasha, Nicola (2 cats siblings) and Nisa, their canine sister in the streets.  

We couldn't imagine how this family would have survived in the streets having been indoor cats and a fenced in yard for the dog their entire lives.  We are so grateful that the neighbor stepped in to help this family of 3 and offered to foster until they could find a home.  All around 4 years of age they will visit the vet for much needed vaccines and a health check to be sure they were cared for before placing them in a new home. 

Now we need your help.  Please donate what you can so that we can get this family vetted and flight off the island to a shelter where they will have a better chance of finding home. Our hope is to keep at least the two cats together as they are very much a bonded pair. 


  • These 3 are still needing your donations and shares 

    July 01, 2018

  • When people were forced to leave Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, these are the animals left behind

    It is not easy to travel on an airplane with your animals.  With the hot temperatures American Airlines which doesn't use temperature controls cancels flights often.  United which does have temperature controls for Cargo animals is still on an embargo. The reason these 3 animals look large and healthy is because a kind neighbor took them in.  But she herself is elderly and looking to leave the Island too.   We are working to raise the money to these 3 the Vet services required and hoping in Aug United will resume travel allowing us to send these 3 to Responsible Pet Care in Maine!

    June 29, 2018

  • keep these guys in mind if you know someone in Puerto Rico looking for a new fur family member

    June 25, 2018

  • please share and donate for these 3 left homeless after hurricane maria

    June 22, 2018

  • these adorables are safe and looking for more donations

    Because their human family left them behind we are working to raise money to get them fully vetted for either a Stateside Adoption Partner group or a furfamily here in Puerto Rico. Your donations and shares will make that possible for this obviously very happy and domesticated ones!

    June 21, 2018

  • Thank you for the donations please keep them coming

    We have three animals who have lived indoors safe their whole lives until Hurricane Maria hit.  Their human family was unable to take them with them, to not fault of their own - it is very very difficult to flea a disaster via Airlines with your pets - It is not as simple as packing up a car and heading to another State!   But thanks to people like you and their rescuer they have a great chance at finding another home.  With your donations and shares ... let's help these 3 innocent animals!

    June 15, 2018