"Skeleton Dog" Saved From The Streets of Tijuana

  • Name: Justice
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

$540.00 raised of $1,500.00

Justice was being referred to as “skeleton dog” when he was found living on the streets of Tijuana.

When we got a call about an urgent dog living on the streets of Mexico, we jumped to help. We were able to bring Justice to California and take him to the vet immediately. His face was completely covered in tick marks and his right front leg has an old break, which has healed improperly. He is suffering from a bone infection which has eaten away parts of his right front and right rear foot. Although his body has attempted to fix the break, a big piece of the bone is missing in his front leg. The vet worries that any slight movement could cause that leg to snap, destroying what Mother Nature has attempted to heal. The vet worries that Justice will eventually be crippled.

Justice goes back to the vet on Tuesday for exploratory surgery to see if there is something wrapped around the bone of his back leg. The leg keeps producing a green pus, and continues to swell.

Please help us by supporting Justice and donating to his medical fund. We are so determined to get him healthy again and we cannot do this without you! If you able to donate to his medical fund or send him a fuzzy toy, Justice would be forever grateful!


  • Justice continues to heal from his. We are hopeful that once the stitches come out next week, we can get him in to see a specialist about his front legs (both were broken during his first few months of life). There isn't much we can do about his tail; the open wound is healing nicely. Apparently whoever tied up his back foot, also tied something around his tail, which ended up costing him half his tail.

    Justice has tested positive for anaplasmosis, a tick borne disease, but it is treatable with the antibiotics he has been on. His appetite has increased a lot and he acts like a normal puppy, with the exception of his trouble walking.

    July 17, 2018

  • Again, forgive me for the time it has taken me to post an update on Justice. As you probably know, Justice had exploratory surgery on his right rear paw this past Tuesday. We were concerned that whatever had been tied around his paw had embedded itself into his skin. The good news is that the surgery turned up nothing but built up scar tissue. On a sad and somewhat related note, the vet feels that whatever was tied around his foot, was also tied around his tail, which led to half of Justice's tail falling off.

    While Justice was under anesthesia, we felt it was best to have him neutered. This presented an unexpected, yet fairly common problem, in that one of Justice's testicles was in his abdomen. The doctor was able to locate the testicle and complete the operation. Justice will have all of his sutures removed in two weeks.

    Since we have now taken care of Justice's back paw, it is time to focus on his front legs. In order for me to accept that he will eventually be crippled, I'm going to have to hear it from more than one doctor. As soon as Justice has his sutures removed, we will seek a consult with a specialist.

    Thank you all for your patience with me in providing updates. Between our move, the set up of the ranch, the care that Justice and Liberty are requiring, and my lack of internet connection, I feel very disconnected from you all. Please know that I am still here, fighting the good fight against animal abuse. My love to you all.

    July 13, 2018