Extensive Medical Needs for Senior

  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Name: Rodney
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Senior

$50.00 raised of $3,000.00

I AM RODNEY!  I am old, mostly deaf, and nearly blind...and i was found wandering down the middle of the road and did not know where I was. Somebody probably threw me away. My teeth are really bad...they are cracked in half and smelly! But my Angie Angel worked really hard to find me a safe place, a place that would not care about all of my problems, a place that knew I would cost a lot and probably would be a "lifer" 'cause no one would ever want me...but they did..and here I am at Barking Mad with a crazy lady that hugs all over me! She is such a wart, always waking me up to see if I am ok...always touching me to see if I am breathing ok...always getting in the way of my tv...she's goofy! But I have a nice comfy blanket in my BIG crate and she leaves the door open, I like going in to my special place when all of those little yapping youngsters are bothering me. She is always putting yucky stuff in my eyes and she tricks me with hot dogs and puts stuff in them cause I don't like opening my mouth since I bit down on one of those stupid pills. I have a lot of skin problems and little things hanging everywhere...I have had them for a long time, but that crazy lady and her vet said some of them need to come off as soon as I am settled in. She said I could stay here the rest of my life because if anyone ever makes fun of me for being old and senile she will beat them with a stick...she's senile too! People moved away from me at the vet and it made the crazy lady mad...I just got here, she said, and I am going to get way better. After all some old people can't see or hear very well either. BUT I know her smell and I know when she comes close...I usually get a treat, so I look for her! I hold my head funny trying to see her and she laughs at me. I fell down the stairs accidentally, so now that crazy lady tries to carry me but I am big...you should hear her grunt! I think I like it here...she hid some peanut butter in this Kong thing and I like to have never got it out! I told you she was crazy. I get hot easy, so she moved me under the air conditioner where she can watch me all day...she likes me a lot. I think Tiny is worried I will take his place...but the crazy lady has a big lap and we can share it. Tiny showed me around a little today. I think I like it here. I think I will stay. Can anyone help pay my rent here so I can stay? There are over 150 siblings here and I get to meet them all. But I am special so I get to stay by the crazy lady's side all day. Stop by for a visit and say hi...it's turning into a regular old folks home. A lot are older than me...some can't see at all and the old little gal is deaf as a post! But she can see so she follows sign language...I think she expects me to know what it means when she gets into my crate but I don't know it yet. She has all her fur...the crazy lady says I will get mine back soon too...maybe she has me enrolled in the hair club for men or something. Anyway...if you visit, remember I like jerky treats! I will have to go into the hospital for awhile...but my space is safe for when I get back!