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When I met Pinky, it was love at first site. Our primary focus in Thailand was to help train employees and volunteers at Soi Dog Foundation and to come home with a few meat trade survivors of our own. Secondarily, my purpose was to document these dogs, help tell their stories and share their plight with rescuers and adopters back home. 

Pinky jumped out at me for a few reasons: 1)she looked very similar to my Dex, a pitty I had just rescued back home, 2) she is a pit mix amongst a bunch of Thai dogs who look markedly different and 3) she was so loving ash personably with all of the volunteers and employees. I took her for a few walks and we immediately bonded. We mad the decision then that she was coming home stateside. As we bonded, we decided to put Pinky to work by strapping a GoPro and mount to her and letting her take us for a dogs-eye-view tour of the Soi Dog compound.  She's so agreeable, so lovable. The majority of the dogs at Soi Dog Foundation are very adoptable and belong in homes, but Pinky in particular ABSOLUTELY belongs with a family, not in a humid shelter half way around the World, far away from any family who would be able to adopt her. So, lets bring her home; lets make Pinky an American and prove the Pit Bull breed, wherever they can be found, are deserved of our love and appreciation. She will not disappoint,I guarantee you that! 
These are the faces of the Dog Meat Trade. Millions of dog a year are bred, born, stolen, sold and raised into the dog meat trade. Tens of thousands were once pets, stolen into the trade to feed dead in places like Thailand, Korea and China. This video is from my recent trip to Thailand, and showcases Thai Dogs, rescued by Soi Dog Foundation, whom are being kept at shelters in Thailand. Adoption to western countries is really their only hope. 
These dogs are seized at the border between of Thailand and Vietnam, headed North to be consumed in Vietnam. Organizations like Soi Dog have made tremendous strides within these cultures to shift perspective on dog meat trade and outlaw cross-provincial trafficking of Dog Meat. Thousands of Meat Trade survivors are rescued and transferred to shelters in Buriram and Phuket. These shelters are a sort of purgatory, where they await adoption to the West. Adoption outside of Thailand is their only chance at life outside a shelter, which is why its so important for us to band together and form a plan. 
I am calling on rescues in the LA area, and, of course, around the World, to set up and start saving Meat Trade Dogs. These dogs are very adoptable, very loving and have survived the cruelest treatment and practice imaginable. On longer should we allow ourselves to sit idly by and let other organizations do the work. These lives and this causes too important. 
Please join me in helping save Thailand's Meat Trade survivors. If you'd like to foster a Meat Trade dog, please fill out an app at http://www.marleysmutts.org/fostering-application/.

If you'd like to become a rescue partner, please email Cristy at info@SoiDog.org.


Posted on May 26, 2016

Pinky is becoming a US citizen today, May 26th! This poor girl has had to wait a long time to get to a safe place and her travels still aren't over yet. Because of her breed, she can't travel accompanied and be picked up at the terminal like other dogs. Instead she needs to be transported cargo, picked up at the cargo terminal and given at least four hours to process. Despite what she has been trough and what we know to be true of her temperament, she is still subject to ludicrous prejudice and discrimination. 

Pinky’s road to forever hasn’t started just yet. She will still need to be fostered for the next month or so. 

Regardless, today is a great day and I can't wait to give her a big hug! 
Today is a great day for a new beginning.

We still need money to meet our goals for Pinky. Please contribute if you can. 

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