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Collar of Hope

CoH is a WA state, non-profit, all breed, dog rescue. We are a foster home rescue so we have no facility to visit. Most foster homes are along hwy-16.

Treatment and Surgery For Massive Infection

$5,098.01 /$5,000.00

Color: White

Size: Medium

Sex: Female

Bubbles came into rescue through owner surrender. We were told that she had infected glands from rubbing herself on rosebushes. Her owners had been treating her, but her high medical bills soon became too much. Once she was with us and we could evaluate her ourselves, we discovered she had many other troubling medical issues. She has been living with an inverted tail and a 2" fistula that excretes stool. Bubbles has numerous pustules and oozing wounds over her entire hind-end and there were maggots in some of her sores. The scar tissue that has built up had created a hard, thick shell beneath her fur that reveals how long she has been struggling with these problems.

Currently, she is being treated with antibiotics to try to clear up the infection and she has baths several times a day. She has also had a few pustules lanced in an effort to expedite her healing. Once the infection is cleared up she will need at least one if not more surgeries. They will need to correct the fistula and remove the tail that has been causing her so much grief.

Her behavior and temperament is amazing - thru everything she will just stand there and let you clean everything. She loves treats and just wants to be with you. She gets along well with other dogs. We are very excited to get her infection cleared and her surgeries done so she can go on to be loved forever.

Please help us get her healthy!


Posted on January 10, 2017

Unfortunately, Bubbles is at a stand still. Both of the two bacterias that she has have become resistant to the extremely strong antibiotics she is on. Because of the horrible state of her infection, she has to have baths every night and all her bedding and clothes need to be wash daily. 

This infection is standing not only in the way of her being adopted, but she is not getting as much exercise at the other dogs because her rear end is constantly oozing blood and puss. 

She is being taken off her antibiotics so another biopsy can be done. Hopefully through a combination of medication or naturalistic cures, she will someday be infection-free and be able to move on with her life.

Posted on December 28, 2016

Bubbles is the sweetest little pup but still needs lots of help! We are cleaning her back and giving her medication daily, but we have not seen the improvements we were hoping for. Poor Bubbles has been on this regime for the past 6-7 months. We will be doing another biopsy and trying out different medication.

Through all of this, Bubbles has continued to be a loving presence, as she lets us clean her back end daily without any complaints. We take her on walks with a cover over her back, and dress her up so that others can show her attention without being deterred by her unpleasant oozing sores. Bubbles is such a sweet girl! We are hoping with new medication and the support of caring donors she can have the second chance she deserves. 

Posted on November 17, 2016

Miss Bubbles has hit a small plateau. We are still doing daily washing and daily medications, but we have not seen major improvements. Yet we have faith she will improve. Her great personality and bully kisses keep us going.

Her rear area is still oozing constantly which requires multiple bedding changes and cleanings. We must keep the area clean and sanitary to prevent any regression or infection. We are on her 5th refill of medication and 6/7 bottle of specialty shampoo.

Please keep sweet Bubbles in your thoughts as we look forward to more improvements - as we won't give up.

Posted on October 02, 2016

Dr Martin was pleased with her progress but said we need to back off a bit on her meals...oops.... she did lose her waist a bit heehee

Posted on September 05, 2016

Bubbles update, we are still doing daily meds as well as daily cleaning and we are seeing improvements but still have a long road ahead. We are starting to see areas of her rear end that are going down, we now see indents and can make out the true area of her tail. She is still a happy girl but is getting tired of the cleanings.

This week we were watching an area near her tail get larger and were planning on lancing it open in a few days, then overnight it burst open on it's own. While gross to look at we are glad her body is progressing and working the bacteria out. We are posting pictures but please keep in mind they are hard to see and while they look gross this is actually great improvement. If you compare the recent pictures to the ones when she first came to us you can see improvement. The sides of her legs the fistulas are not nearly as low as they were then and if you look at her profile the top of her rear area is actually lower. We see improvements, hope you can see the changes too.


While we continue with the daily cleaning and upkeep we hope you will continue to keep her in your thoughts and keep cheering her on. 

Posted on August 26, 2016

Healing this sweet girl is a slow and steady process. She continues to receive medication, bathes every night and her fistulas continue to ooze but the swelling overall has gone down. Her tail has even become visible! We are hoping that the medication is able to solve her condition because the last solution would be to surgically remove the fistulas and leave her horribly deformed. 

Posted on July 29, 2016

With continued antibiotics and daily cleaning we are starting to improvement. She has less and less drainage and it appears the nodes are "healing" and going down. Her backside is not nearly as lumpy and high as it was when she first came to us, so at this point we continue on with daily cleaning and multiple meds.

Posted on July 15, 2016

Bubbles has been spayed, at this point she has 2 different type of bacterias. So we are on medication and daily cleaning. Hoping that attacking from inside as well as outside will work - so far so good. Her rear end still has pustulas but some of the old ones seem to be healing. We still have a ways to go before we can say she is fixed but so far we seem to be able to avoid more surgery.

Posted on June 10, 2016

Today's vet visit was just to evaluate and get a plan. He is concerned that the nodes on her rear end are caused by either an auto immune issue or bacteria. So the estimate is the next course of action, where he will do a biopsy at the same time as spaying her (she is in heat too ugh). Then once we find out exactly if it is a bacteria or auto immune that will decide the next step. This is all before we can even touch the inverted tail and 2" fistula hole. There is also the vet bill from the CA vet to pay for. 

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