Fundraising Made Easy

Fundraising for your pets on PoundWishes is easy!

PoundWishes has created a platform and process that makes fundraising for your pets easy!  In just 5 minutes you can start raising the funds your pet needs.

Step 1: Create a PoundWish for a pet

The first step to raising money  is to create your PoundWish campaigns.  To do this follow these simple steps:

1. Simply login and click on "Pet Management" on the left navigation and then click "Add Pet".
2. Enter in all of the details of the pet
3. At the bottom of the page will be where you enter the information for your PoundWish campaign
4. Make sure you check the box to "Activate PoundWish"

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Step 2: Share your PoundWish on your social media

Once you create the PoundWish campaign in your account go to your dashboard and use the social media button next to the desired campaign to add the PoundWish to your social media pages.  This is one the greatest ways you can raise awareness for your campaign and quickly raise the money you need.

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Step 3: Email your network using our FREE email tool

After you've shared the PoundWish on your social media you'll want to make sure that your network gets a direct invite to come and view your pet.  The best way to do this is to email them directly using our FREE email tool.  Simply click the EMAIL CAMPAIGN button, type in the email addresses (separated by a comma), and hit send!  Every email address you entered will receive your email encouraging them to visit your pets page!

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Step 4: Receive Payment

PoundWishes collects all payments and mails payments to receiving shelters and rescues following the 1st and 15th of every month.