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Being Healthy With Your Dog

Being Healthy With Your Dog

We are rounding out the first month of 2018, and many of us have set resolutions as we've embarked on a hopeful, new year. A common goal is to live a more healthy lifestyle. For those of us lucky enough to have a furry bestie, why not try to achieve the goal together? It is also just as important for your dog to adopt a healthy way of living too. Together, you and your pup can achieve the best results by doing a few of these simple things when it comes to diet, regular checkups, daily upkeep, sleep, and exercise. 


The first change most people make is in consumption. Eating the right types of food can make a world of difference. Together, you and your pet can improve your diet by changing the food you put into your bodies. A well balanced diet is essential for maintaining the proper nutrition. Let's start with giving your dog healthy treats. Just like in humans, treats (or snacks) can add quite a few calories to a dog's daily calorie allowance. This increase could cause your dog to put on extra weight. Try giving your dog homemade treats, instead of store bought ones. Some great snacks that are safe for you and your dog to enjoy together are baby carrots, green beans, or small slices of cooked sweet potatoes. You can also use these foods to make a home cooked meals for you and your dog. Check out our other blog HERE on more human foods that are great to give your dog, along with foods to stay away from. 

Doctor and Veterinarian Checkups:

To maintain and monitor your health year-round, it is vital to see a doctor once a year for a check up. Just like we go for annual physicals, our dogs can benefit from a trip to the vet as well. Staying up-to-date on a yearly basis will help you both in the long run, especially if your dog is a purebred, since they tend to have more overall medical issues. Visiting the vet allows your dog to stay up-to-date on vaccines as well as ensure proper health for the future. Along with checkups, consider getting your dog spayed/neutered, which will lower their risk of getting certain types of cancers and infections. 

In between check-ups, be mindful of any behavior changes that might occur for your pet. Watch for warning signs that your dog may be feeling ill, such as lethargy, groggy, not eating, and anything else that may seem abnormal.

Daily Upkeep:

Everyday, humans generally maintain upkeep by showering, brushing our hair and teeth, and flossing, etc.; these tasks allow us to keep in pristine shape. . Doing these things for your dog is a great preventative measure to keep them from seeing the vet. Grooming your dog regularly is something you and your pet can enjoy doing together. Brushing his coat will keep him healthy and shiny. During this time with your pup, you can check his skin for any new lumps, bumps or irritations. A few days after you've groomed you dog is a great time to apply flea and tick medication. This will help both you and your dog maintain a clean body and home. You can also brush your dog's teeth daily, just like you do! Brushing their teeth lets you remove any plaque or bacterial build up. This is also a good chance to check his mouth for sores, loose or damaged teeth, or any other odd problems. But be sure to only use a dental toothpaste made for dogs. Fluoride, found in human toothpaste, can be toxic to a dog.


On average, humans need about 6-8 hours of sleep to ensure optimal rejuvenation. Making sure you are getting the right amount of sleep every night is another great step in improving your health. What's even better is that you can enjoy sleep with your dog; I mean who doesn't like cuddling with a pup for hours on end?! Most dogs need about 14 hours of sleep a day. That being said, a dog will usually adapt to your sleep schedule. So if you're getting eight hours of sleep a night, they will, too. The other hours can be supplemented by naps throughout the day; feel free to cozy up with them during nap time, too! 


Last, but not least -- incorporating exercise into your and your pet's lives is important to do on a daily basis. The fun part is that you have the option to choose how you want to work out with your pup. If your dog is fairly mellow, a 30 minute walk could be all you need. Your options are truly endless when it comes to working out with your dog. You can do everything from going on a run, to visiting a dog park, playing in the backyard, going on a hike, or even doing yoga. These exercises are not only functional to activate your heart, they are also great ways to bond with your dog

To help you jump on the bandwagon of exercise with your dog, poundWISHES is hosting a dog yoga event this Sunday, January 28, 2018 in Long Beach, CA! It's a perfect outdoor activity for both of you to enjoy. If you are interested in attending this event, click HERE for more details. If you are too far, but would like to help rescue pets, you can support the Foundation HERE, where you also have the option to give back all year long by becoming a monthly donor: If you would like to help a rescue pet maintain a healthy lifestyle, consider purchasing them a leash, flea/tick medication, toys, and much more of their wishlist registry:



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