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"Why Are We Launching a REG A Fundraising Round?" By John J. Hussey

"Why Are We Launching a REG A Fundraising Round?"

By John J. Hussey


Our mission at poundWISHES is to "democratize" the way donations find their way into the animal welfare community. An estimated $6B is given annually, with the HSUS and ASPCA being two of the largest recipients.  

Yet, in 2013, the ASPCA only gave $4.9 million to support animal shelters, a mere 4% of its $129 million budget. And in the case of the HSUS, very little money donated to the Humane Society of the United States will ever reach a local shelter. According to HSUS's 2008 tax return, less than half of one percent (0.5%) of HSUS budget consisted of grants to their hands-on pet shelters.

In following with our mission, our team felt that embarking on a REG-A fundraising round allowed our poundWISHES community an opportunity to become stakeholders in our journey to change the way funds and products are distributed to shelters and rescues.  

The work we do for our rescue partners is directly related to supporting them in saving more animals. In most cases, we serve the smaller rescues and shelters that are staffed by volunteers. They tell us time and time again that their #1 challenge is fundraising. At poundWISHES, we become a member of their fundraising staff. Our team works tirelessly to help them improve aggregating e-mail marketing lists, campaign generation, curating product registries, and sharing their needs on social media.

As a growing for-good, for-profit start-up, we require capital. This raise will enable us to invest in improving our technology platform, advertise on behalf of our rescue partners, and hire team members to serve our growing customer base. We are no different than any other start-up; capital is our fuel that will propel the company towards sustainability.

We believe that the most passionate animal lovers should be owners in our company because we are all mission-aligned. The more successful we are at what we do and the more revenue poundWISHES garners, the more animals we can save.

Kind Regards,

John Hussey


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