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Rescue Pets Need Love Too!

Rescue Pets Need Love Too!

On April 11th, we celebrated National Pet Day! Here at poundWISHES, we relish in the joy that pets bring to our lives, which is very real to us as many of us on the team have our own little fur-babies. 

But this year, we wanted to celebrate in a slightly different way. Instead of spoiling our own pets, we wanted to give a shout out in support of some animals on poundWISHES who really could use some extra love. 

As a result, each team member has collaborated with their pup or kitty at home to nominate one animal. We decided we would let our pets do the honors:

Alexis & Rubicon:

Rubicon (AKA Rubi):

Alexis and I are excited to nominate a fellow kitty, Hiccup, for some extra love on National Pet Day. A little backstory on me, I was found in a box with my litter mates in a park. Luckily, a good samaritan brought us to Seal Beach Animal Shelter, where I was later adopted by my mama, Alexis. Now, I'd like to pay it forward.  

Hiccup has quite the story, she was a semi feral cat that was suffering from an elbow injury. I think it's purrrty cool that rescuers were finally able to catch Hiccup the after two weeks of trying, so she could have surgery. I mean, didn't she know they were trying to help her? Anyway, turns out Hiccup came around and warmed up to people! Even though she needed to have her leg amputated, Hiccup craves cuddles and head scratches from humans. Alexis and I really hope you consider donating to her medical bills or even purchasing an item off her wishlist

Samantha & Dakota:


Sam and I are rallying behind the campaign for Mexican Street Puppies. I know exactly what they are going through because this is how I had my start at life. I was found on the streets of Tecate, Mexico alone at only five weeks old. Rescuers had no idea where my mother was and I was covered in ticks. I was very malnourished and needed help fast. Luckily, I was picked up by a rescue and brought to California where I met my new mom, Samantha. I know what the struggles these pups are going through and I just want them to have the same great outcome as I did two years ago. It would be pawesome if you could send them some gifts off their wishlist to make them feel the same love that Sam gives me. 

Marquis & Athena:


Marquis and I choose Bramble because we love toughness. He survived heinous abuse, head injuries, and multiple surgeries. When Marquis and I found each other I was being dragged by my neck down the street by someone who would never love me. Even at three months I didn't cry during my abuse or let it change my heart; that is why we love Bramble and his story. Bramble is a fighter who did not deserve the horrible treatment he received; but it never took away from his loving heart and will to live. Please support Bramble during his recovery by donating to his care or purchasing him blankets and treats from his wishlist because nothing helps a puppy feel better like snuggles and good food.

Vanessa & Sornoa:


Vanessa and I are cheering for Brutus. I was fortunate enough to come from a rescue that allowed my birth mama to have me and my litter mates in a foster home with a loving family. We never felt cold or lonely there. I am lucky to have found a family that is so patient with me while I grow and learn new things. I want the same for Brutus. It makes me sad knowing that his knee is hurting him, that he is unable to run or play, that he sleeps alone, and that he might be cold. Please consider donating toward Brutus' surgery so his knee can be fixed. You can also send him a gift to enjoy while he is healing. I'm hoping he can find a home like mine, with a family that will hug him everyday. Every dog deserves a family to love.

Natalise & Bambi:


Natalise and I would like to support River. Like River, I have suffered from inflammation in my brain, which caused sudden blindness a few years ago. The vets said that if I had waited any longer to come in, I might have died. It was really scary not being able to see anything. I became terrified of everything because I didn't know what was happening. Luckily, we were able to get help and medication to ease the inflammation in my brain that was pressing on my optic nerve. I'm still on medications today, but I am better now and even have a little bit of my sight back. I can only imagine what River is going through, and I hope he gets the help he needs, too. Please consider donating to his campaign or purchasing a gift from his wishlist to keep him comforted, warm, and as healthy as he can be.

This week was National Pet Day, so we wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on a few pets who really need help. But really -- everyday, we have the power to make a difference. 

On poundWISHES, you can support an animal's recovery by donating to their campaign or by purchasing products -- everything from plush blankets, cozy beds, healthy food, etc. -- to make them comfortable during healing. The items you purchase can also improve their opportunities for adoption, since it will ease some of the financial burden for the adopter. Make a difference today.




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