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April Was Awesome

April Was Awesome

To Our poundWISHES Community,

Welcome back to our monthly recap! We are excited to share with you all the new pets we have been able to help, amazing events we were fortunate to be a part of, and new products in April! 


We are grateful that with each passing month, we exceed the last. It is reassuring that we are helping more and more animals live a better life and supporting our rescues continue their selfless work. We had a 15% increase in donations from March to April. Together, we were able to raise almost $150,000 and help 176 pets start their road to recovery. And of those pets, 13 were able to exceed their full wish amount! 

It's hard to pick a pet whose story was most notable; but there are two dogs in particular that stood out to us this month. 

Two of our Weekly Wishes Odey and Homer have very different stories, but they have they share in common one invaluable trait: a valiant heart to survive (literally and figuratively). Both dogs had a sea of supporters who stood behind them and made sure they were able to receive the care they needed. Odey was found at only five weeks old in a park; he was starving and dehydrated. When Heidi's Legacy Rescue received him, they quickly rushed him to the vet. Odey had a 6/6 heart murmur and two holes in his heart. Most dogs would have little to no chance of survival with Odey's diagnosis. However, our little Odey has overcome every obstacle he's faced. He does have a few more surgeries ahead of him, but he has completely transformed since being rescued and we're all so grateful that things are looking on the up!

Unlike many sad stories we see, chocolate lab Homer comes from a family that loved him unconditionally. Homer found himself chasing a squirrel out of his yard, which left him missing for 72 hours. By the time Homer was found, his face was unrecognizable from an unfortunate run-in he had with a porcupine: along his face and body was a vast spread of white needles. 

Homer was rushed to the ER. The vet needed to extract as many quills as possible. Homer sustained a punctured lung, along with other injuries. Buddy Up Animal Rescue took Homer in and made sure he received the proper care. Throughout his surgeries and vet visits, Homer's dad stayed by his side and showed our community the incredible impact dogs and humans have. While things were looking very scary, it looks like Homer's story will have a happy ending.

Both Odey and Homer have raised over $10,000 on their poundWISHES fundraisers, but their road to recovery is not over yet. They will both need to have sustained medical care for the foreseeable future to make sure they are fully healed. And while some funds have been raised, both rescues involved now have extremely high medical bills that go beyond the amounts raised. To make a difference for Odey and/or Homer, please consider contributing to their campaigns or purchasing products from their wishlists! 

Support Odey:

Support Homer:


We now have over 700+ active registries on any given week. We hope to break 1,000 registries by next month. Having this feature available has been overwhelmingly beneficial for rescues, while also giving animal lovers an avenue in which to give back transparently. When items are purchased on behalf of the animals, it eases some of the financial burden on rescues, but also on future adopters. Moreover, poundWISHES loves supporting local companies, so are starting to team up with more and more local pet brands so that their unique products can be made available on pets' wishlists. 

One of our newest local brands is the The Daily Dally. This brand features a modern pet pillow shaped perfectly for all pets' needs. It is a great alternative for rescues. Here's why: The Daily Dally is donut shaped and does not have a bottom. This design allows pets recovering from an injury or surgery to be comfortable because cozy, while not restraining. And with no buttons or zippers, no assembly required, and being machine washable, it's super convenient.

Another local brand we've added is Innovet. Innovet carries a truly life-changing product called PurCBD Oil. The extract is derived from mature hemp stalks & seeds. This product contains no THC, so there's no "high," and it's legal in all 50 states Many rescues already use CBD oil to treat pets' inflammation, seizures, loss of appetite, anxiety, and pain, so making this product available in our wishlist has been a wonderful benefit

As we grow our registry feature, we look forward to adding more amazing brands to our lineup of products!

If you haven't already, check out all of our active wishlists registries HERE and support an animal by purchasing a product of your choice. 


We have been beyond grateful to meet and interact with our community during local events. It has allowed us to say thank you to animal lovers everywhere, while continuing to share our mission. This month we partnered up with Dog Cafe LA again for Expecto-Pup-Tronum! It was a magical day as members of the community were able to get some Harry Potter themed puppy swag, take Harry Potter themed pictures at our photobooth, and share lots of cuddles with the "Harry Potter" puppies... and these cute pups did not disappoint. 

If you are a company and want to partner with poundWISHES for an event in the future, we'd love to hear from you. Contact:


Have you ever thought about investing in a startup or venture? Our investment pool will is staying open for only one more month! 

The poundWISHES OPO an opportunity to not only invest in a company that's growing quickly, but also one that does good for animals. To find out more information, go to  

Invest in Good. Invest in Animals. Invest in poundWISHES.


None of what we've accomplished in April would have been possible without our wonderful rescue partners and the support of our animal loving community. We are grateful that our community has an unwavering support for animals in need, whether it's an urgent pet or one that is waiting for their forever home. 

As we turn the page to enter May, we are excited about all of the amazing new features to come... and all the animals yet to be saved! 

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-The poundWISHES Team



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