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Mutts, Moms, and Millennials

Mutts, Moms, and Millennials

On Saturday, we celebrate National Dog Mom Day and Sunday is, of course, Mother's Day. Here's an interesting fact: moms are increasing in drove... not because people are having more children, but because more people, mainly millennials, are adopting pets to "start" their brood. 

Yes, that's right. The millennial generation is shifting their focus from marriage and children over to dogs and cats. A recent report reveals millennials are now the largest demographic of pet owners. For millennials, a dog or cat isn't just a pet, it's a starter child. According to an article on Media Post, 82% percent of millennials are more likely to feel that getting a pet is part of preparing to have a family.

As such, millennials are going above and beyond for their pets. In fact, they are spending a large portion of their paychecks on items for their beloved fidos and felines. According to Zulily's "The Millennialization of the Pet Industry -- Retail's Opportunity to Reach the Pet-Obsessed Report," 92% of millennial pet owners purchase gifts for their pets, such as toys, clothing, and treats. We think it's awesome that they have not only taken on the responsibility and dedication as a fur-mom to care for and love their pet, but they're also spoiling them… in a good way. After all, animals give us so much -- they deserve, in return, to be given a wonderful life.

We're happy that the number of moms is increasing -- the world is made a better place because of it! And so, as we approach this coming weekend of celebrations, whether you are the caretaker of beautiful children (human children) or a clan of pups, we want to say thank you! We know that being a mom takes sacrifice; you invest your time, sleep, resources, energy, and money into those you love and we want to say we see and appreciate you! 

If you have been thinking about becoming a fur-mom, we encourage you to take a look through poundWISHES. You have the option to give back in a monetary way, purchase an item off a pet's wishlist registry, or adopt!

And in honor of mamas, we'd like to highlight a few mama-and-pups campaigns. On this Mother's Day, you can make these mamas feel loved, too. Here are just two:

Mama Malia and her pups seven surviving pups from a litter of ten

Mama Jackie and her babies that had to undergo an emergency section. 

We love that National Dog Mom Day and Mother's Day are so close together -- we are happy to highlight both kinds of moms in the world. Whatever type of mom you are, we want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. Sending you love and gratitude!



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