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A Blissful May

A Blissful May

To Our poundWISHES Community,

2018 is flying by so quickly. We can't believe it's already the end of May! This month has been filled with some amazing stories, campaigns, and events that have reminded us why we do what we do at poundWISHES -- why our mission is to support and save as many animals as possible.

Here are the highlights: 


While some months are better than others we always set our bar higher and higher every month. We are grateful that we are constantly able to be the difference in animals and their rescue's lives. Together, we were able to raise almost $140,000 and help 190 pets start their road to recovery. Of those 190 pets, 11 were able to exceed their full wish amount!

The most compelling cases often surface on our platform, and for us, there was one pup in particular that stole the hearts of our donors -- Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea was a featured Weekly Wish and one of our most Urgent Needs pets. She had been dumped on the side of the road and her face was so swollen and disfigured, it was difficult to even tell what breed she is. Without too much doubt, her rescuers knew she was used as a bait dog. Just by looking at her, it was clear that she had been in horrific dog fights, and that the wounds and the festering infection on her face and mouth were not new. They believed she was likely dumped after she was of no more use as a bait dog and left to die. Her story is doubly sad when they realized this dog, who has been through the most horrific of challenges, is a sweet and loving soul (hence her name). She has no reason to trust mankind, and yet she loves with all her heart. Sweet Pea was taken to the emergency vet immediately upon rescue. She had a massive infection on her face and in her mouth, her eyes were swollen with ulcers, her spleen and lymph nodes were enlarged, she was very anemic, and she has a category-2 heart murmur. She was in enormous pain, but she remained a tremendously kind and sweet dog. 

Through poundWISHES, Sweet Pea was able to raise $5,315, just $200 shy of her full wish amount. She was able to have the infected skin from her face removed and has begun her road to not only physical, but emotional, recovery. 

It has been amazing to see animal lovers from all over the world come together to help Sweet Pea. And donors continue to support her. If you'd like to be a part of her journey, you can still contribute to her fundraiser or purchase products from her wishlist to make her feel the love she deserves.

Support Sweet Pea:

Sweet Pea's Wishlist:


We have now created over 1,200 wishlist registries since our feature launch just six months ago. We are happy to announce that we are on track to surpass our goal of breaking over 2,000 registries by the beginning of July! 

Having the registry feature available has been overwhelmingly beneficial for rescues, while also giving animal lovers an avenue in which to give back transparently. When items are purchased on behalf of the animals, it eases some of the financial burden on rescues, but also on future adopters. Moreover, poundWISHES loves supporting local companies, so we are starting to team up with more and more local pet brands so that their unique products can be made available on pets' wishlists.

 One of our newest brands is Walkin Pets Wheelchairs from Handicapped Pets. These wheelchairs are made to support the caretakers of elderly, injured, and handicapped animals. They have all of the products, services, and support you'll need for special needs pets. Each wheelchair is customized, so that pets can stay mobile, safe, healthy, and ready to enjoy life! As we grow our registry feature, we look forward to adding more amazing brands to our lineup of products!

If you haven't already, check out all of our active wishlists registries HERE and support an animal by purchasing a product of your choice. 


Being able to engage with our community has been pawesome! It allows us to interact with our supporters and animal lovers alike, while being an advocate for the rescue world. This upcoming month in June, poundWISHES will be attending the Best Friends Conference in Los Angeles, CA. We are excited to be a part of such an amazing event, where we can learn more on how to make fundraising more efficient for our rescue partners, so they can save more animals' lives.

We are also pleased to announce that poundWISHES will be hosting a mixer during that weekend for rescues and shelters, animal lovers, and anyone in the community that would like to attend. More details will be released closer to the conference, so stay tuned or email us for updates: 

If you are a company and want to partner with poundWISHES for a community event in the future, we'd love to hear from you. Contact:

As we turn the page to enter the summer month of June, we are excited about all of the amazing new features to come... and all the animals yet to be saved! 

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-The poundWISHES Team



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