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All About Wiener Dogs!

All About Wiener Dogs!

On July 20th, America celebrates National Hot Dog Day! Well, our favorite kind of hot dog at poundWISHES is not of the edible variety; it is of the cute, cuddly kind: Dachshunds, a.k.a. weiner dogs. Hot dogs (the food) are rumored to have been named after the dachshund. Some historians claim that in the mid-19th century, German immigrant butchers in the United States began selling variant sausages, some of which were thin and long, like the dog breed dachshund. They called these sausages -- dachshund sausages. 

Here are some other fun facts:NAME ORIGIN

1. This dog breed is rich with history as a hunting hound. The little dogs were bred 300 years ago in Germany to hunt badgers. Their name literally means “badger hound” (dachs means badger; hund means dog). They also are known to hunt foxes and rabbits.


2. Many people are so used to seeing a miniature Dachshund, they forget that the standard size exist, and it can be almost triple the size of the mini. The mini is usually around 11 pounds, bred to hunt small rodents, while the larger, 32-pound dog hunted the badger. In Germany, they come in a third size, in between the miniature and the standard. 


3. They come in a variety of colors and three hair types; long, wired, and short. When this breed was first around, almost all dachshunds were either tan or black. However today they come in twelve standard colors and have three different kinds of markings. They have many colors they come in such as tan, cream, red, black, chocolate, greyish blue, and a mixture of golden brown. These colors aren't limited to a certain kind of coat, as you will see various colors across the breed.


4. While wiener dogs may be little, their breed loves to eat! They will practically eat anything, but this results in obesity. And for dachshunds, this problem shortens their life span and can cause back and joint issues.


5. This dog breed is perfect for families and couples, but also singles looking for a loyal friend. If you want a dog that's energetic, has interesting character traits and fiercely loyal, then the Dachshund is a great option. They love to snuggle with you on the couch, sleep with you in bed, and follow you around the house.

They are often protective of their family members, sometimes one particular member of the family specifically. They are so loyal and protective that socialization is very important so they don't become overly protective and lash out at strange dogs or people. 


6. According to the AKC, Dachshunds are the 13th most popular breed!

On July 20th, while you enjoy eating the American staple that is a hot dog with mustard and ketchup, you can also celebrate Dachshunds, the wonderful “hot dog” breed, by giving back to a dachshund in need HERE or you can even consider adopting one HERE.



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