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An Amazing August

An Amazing August

As many of you know by now, this August, poundWISHES became CUDDLY. Now, in addition to supporting our 1,200 rescues around the globe, we are rolling out the ability for animal owners to access awesome products for their own pets, while automatically giving back to rescue animals. 

We've always set out to be a for-good company and we believe that this additional path enables us to do more good for animals at scale. With our registries feature, when an animal owner creates a registry, 5% of every purchase will go back to the rescue of the user's choice (that's 10x Amazon Smile). We believe that this program can help create a significant revenue stream for rescues, enabling them to be sustainable. Additionally, as before, our non-profit arm the poundWISHES Foundation will continue giving weekly grants to urgent-needs animals through the Weekly Wish program.

As we move forward, our goal is to continue our mission of saving and bettering animals' lives everywhere. In that vein, let's take a closer look at how we did in August. The CUDDLY team is beyond grateful for all of the extra love and support we have received during our launch this month. 

Are you ready to get CUDDLY? Here our most memorable August moments!


July was a spectacular month for us and August was no different. Each passing month we strive to be better and do better than the last. We were able to help raise over $175,000 for rescues pets and their medical needs. Almost 200 pets were able to start their road to recovery, and eight of those pets exceeded their full wish amount, raising over $10,000.

In particular, this week's current Weekly Wish River was a stand out for us. Our Weekly Wish pets are usually one of our most urgent needs animals. In addition to being highlighted, they also receive grants from the poundWISHES Foundation to jumpstart their recovery. Many of the pets selected are able to make a full recovery during their time as the Weekly Wish. Unfortunately, in this last week, River crossed over rainbow bridge. But through her campaign, her legacy will live on to help 15 more pets. 

Here is River's story: 

In Puerto Rico, River was rescued in pretty bad shape. She was anemic with chemical burns all over her body and covered in mange. River was in a lot of pain, since her skin was infected and raw. She was emaciated, dehydrated, lethargic, and weak, requiring fluids and a blood transfusion. To make matters worse, it also appeared that her leg had a fracture that healed incorrectly. In a turn of events, she was found by a Puerto Rico based foster who works with a great rescue in Dallas, TX -- Dallas Dogs RRR. Once River was well enough, Dallas Dogs RRR would fly her from Puerto Rico to Texas. But sadly, River would never make the flight. 

A few days ago, after fighting for a few weeks, River passed away in her sleep. She held on for as long as she could and was surrounded by loving arms in her final days. River was a beautifully sweet girl who deserved so much more than the life she was given. We know that she is flying with the angels now and that she would want us to continue saving dogs just like her. As such, Dallas Dogs RRR have decided that in her name, they will arrange a journey to Puerto Rico, where she was located, and save as many other dogs as possible. They are moving quickly and have partnered with Cloud Nine Rescue Flights to make this happen. As of right now, there are 15+ dogs that have a reserved spot on the flight home.

Please continue to support this campaign in memory of River -- a flight to save all of these beautiful dogs. We have raised the goal amount to $9,000.00 to cover the entire flight. Please see the pictures of all the dogs that will be saved in River's honor. In addition to monetary donations, you can also purchase gifts from River's wishlist to support the 15 additional dogs. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

Support River's Memorial Campaign HERE


Our wishlist feature has continually grown, substantially helping our rescue partners provide much needed products to the pets in their care. Rescues have been able to customize each pet's wishlist, while letting donors know exactly what each pet needs. The registry enables a level of transparency for animal lovers because donors can choose how they want to give back. When items are purchased on behalf of the animals, it eases some of the financial burden on rescues, but also on future adopters. All products go with the animal, from rescue to forever home. 

 If you haven't already participated, check out all of our active wishlists registries HERE and support an animal by purchasing a product of your choice -- it can make all the difference. And it's fun! 


One of the most exciting things that CUDDLY has brought to the animal community is for adopters to be able to create registries for their own pets. As we mentioned earlier, all pet parents are able to choose an animal rescue of their choice to benefit from purchases. As a mission-driven company, CUDDLY is giving back 5% of all purchases to the animal rescue organization of the adopter's choice; that's 10x more than the Amazon Smile program. This automatic give back program enables you to do good. With over 10,000 amazing pet products across the best brands, you can start your very own gift registry with CUDDLY to celebrate your dog or cat's upcoming new adoption, birthday, or anniversary. You can start a registry for your pet here:

For product and registry inspiration, check out these registries created by the CUDDLY team:  

Rubicon's Wishlist
Dakota's Wishlist
Franco's Wishlist
Athena's Wishlist


In August, we focused our community efforts on helping rescues during their events. Members of the CUDDLY team set out to Chino Hills to help Priceless Pet Rescue walk their rescue pups. It was a great time to get to know one of our rescue partners better, while also interacting with fellow community members. Looking forward into September, we will be present at a lot more of these events. In September, we are partnering with SoCal Bulldog Rescue for two events: an adoption event, as well as the launch of their San Diego chapter. Additionally, in September we will be partnering with a new rescue partner, The Little Lion Foundation, for their Saving Kittens Workshop and Nursery Fundraiser; kitten activist and influencer The Kitten Lady will be attending. 


Are you interested in startups, particularly the PetTech space? CUDDLY will be hosting a PetTechLA event in Los Angeles on September 26th. Guests include Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director of the Michaelson Foundation and and Ben Jacobs, previous CEO of Whistle and Head of Ventures of Mars Petcare. If you're interested in the PetTech space and how to get involved in the betterment of animals around the world, join us in LA next month. 

Interested? Email or check us out at: HERE

Thank you for your continuous love and support for animals around the world. Together, as a community, we can make a meaningful difference. Join us on social media for the latest and greatest: @welovecuddly on all channels.

-The CUDDLY Team



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