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10 Most Frequently Stolen Dog Breeds - #10 - Labrador Retriever

10 Most Frequently Stolen Dog Breeds - #10 - Labrador Retriever

#10 Labrador Retriever

As the most common dog breed in the U.S., Labs are stolen mostly because they are easy to sell to an unsuspecting public. Thieves benefit from this breed’s easygoing nature and willingness to follow commands. Like other large dogs, Labs are commonly taken from yards or kennels by small gangs under the cover of darkness, but an increasing trend of robbery at gunpoint and burglary is emerging. One factor that threatens recovery is proving to police that the dog has been stolen as opposed to simply missing, so it is best to have your dog microchipped. Labs can bring upwards of $1000, making an attractive payday for unscrupulous criminals.

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