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Hurricane Florence Relief

Hurricane Florence Relief

Around this time last year, Hurricane Harvey hurled its way through Houston, TX, causing a devastating impact that no one saw coming. Thousands of people and pets fled without warning, leaving everything behind. We saw heartbreaking images of animals being carried to safety by their owners, while others were left behind, hoping to get rescued as the waters began to rise. Here at CUDDLY, we knew we had to step in and step up to help support rescues who were taking in animals from around the country. As the wounds are just beginning to heal, we are yet again facing another tragedy as Hurricane Florence tears through North and South Carolina, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction behind it. 

Catastrophic natural disasters are unexpected and although warnings give us a window of time to prepare for impact from the torrential rains, it's simply never enough. Hurricane Florence was originally deemed a Category 1 storm, but the false sense of security changed abruptly when it made landfall, leaving Category 5 damage. The down fall of rain has caused extreme flooding and emergency evacuations. Just like Harvey, Florence has shown us an outpour of images and stories of animals being rescued from rising flood waters. Many kind-hearted people have gone to aid in rescue efforts of personal pets and local animal rescues to bring as many as possible to safety. With resources becoming scarce, the help of others is what's making a world of difference for those affected by Florence's devastation. 

When Hurricane Harvey hit, Cloud Nine Rescue Flights sprang into action to help transport animals to rescues around the country in hopes of rehoming them, as well as to make room for lost and displaced pets until they could reunite with their families. Now, without hesitation, Cloud Nine is yet again ready to take on the task of gearing up and heading into the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. However, transport missions are not an easy feat to accomplish. Cloud Nine Rescue Flights needs our help. In the midst of logistics planning, we are raising funds to support this flight.


You can make a difference in the lives of people and animals affected by Hurricane Florence by supporting Cloud Nine Rescue Flights. They need everything from monetary donations to products off their wishlist like beds, blankets, leashes, and food for the pets they will be transporting. Many affected by Florence did not have enough time to prepare for the devastation, but together we can help Cloud Nine prepare for their transport by supporting their fundraiser. If you would like to help spread kindness, please consider donating to their campaign.

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Cloud Nine's Wishlist HERE



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