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Pet Tech LA Innovation and Scale

Pet Tech LA Innovation and Scale

Last night the CUDDLY team hosted the first PetTechLA event: Innovation and Scale. We put together this event to help connect pet-loving entrepreneurs, creatives, and investors, working hard to make our world more pet-friendly. Held at the The Michelson Found Animals Foundation office, guests from around the world arrived to sit in on an exclusive panel of innovators that are disrupting the pet tech industry. 

After some mingling, yummy h'ordeuvres, and some drinks, Head of Ventures at Mars Petcare Ben Jacobs moderated the panel discussion. Ben was joined by panelists Aimee Gilbreath (Executive Director of the Michelson Foundation), Jason Meltzer ( Co-Founder/Chief Dog Officer of Wag!), Daniel Rottman (CEO of PrettyLitter), Chelsea Brownridge (Co-Founder/CEO of DogSpot), and Natalise Kalea (CUDDLY's very own COO). 

With the room filled, we were all ready to hear about each company's small and big wins, challenges, and advice for fellow entrepreneurs. It was truly amazing to have a community together that was unified by one common cause -- pets. Each panelist, along with their respective companies, had a passion to continually better the world through the well-being of pets and humans alike. 

 Jason at Wag! has created an app that offers on-demand dog walking. It is sometimes called an "Uber for Dogs." Now, dog owners can conveniently and safely make sure their dogs are getting walked, while passionate animals lovers can earn extra money by walking dogs. Each walker goes through background and reference checks to ensure safety for everyone. Daniel at PrettyLitter took a basic need for any cat owner and transformed it to the next level. With litter that changes colors, PrettyLitter makes it easier for you to know if your cat is experiencing a potential health issue before urgent medical care is needed, saving you money, stress, and potentially your cat's life. Chelsea at DogSpot created a convenient way to shelter and protect your dog while on the run -- enabling you to run errands, while also making sure your dog is comfortable. Their dog houses are placed outside of businesses, monitored with the perfect temperature (ac/heat), cameras to keep an eye on your pet through their app, and auto-sanitizing. Aimee, of the Michelson Found Animals Foundation saves animals through their adoption center, but also provides pet resources such as microchipping and spay/neuter programs. Their mission is to put pets in homes and keep them there. Lastly, Natalise of CUDDLY has created a wishlist registry for rescues and pet parents alike, with a vision to augment your relationship with their pet, while allowing you to easily and transparently give back to rescue. At CUDDLY, 5% of every pet parent's registry goes back to their rescue of choice. 

Each person on the panel had something in common. They are all building businesses and organizations with a mission to help animals. Being a successful business is great. But building a successful business that also makes a difference is even better. And that's what we're trying to do at CUDDLY. 

We are thankful to have had all of the amazing attendees and panelists present last night. You inspire us. 

We look forward to our next PetTechLA event. To join next time, be added to our email list: 

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-The CUDDLY Team



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