What's a PoundWish?

What's a PoundWish?

A PoundWish represents a medical need that afflicts a homeless cat or dog. Our animal rescue and shelter partners portray this need through our dynamic platform using a combination of images and by illustrating the pet’s story. The dedicated followers who visit our site respond to the need with donations and by sharing the story with their connections.

PoundWishes include life-saving surgeries, medications, prosthetic limbs, behavioral retraining, or even round-the-clock tender loving care – whatever is necessary to bring the pet back to health and ready for a forever home.

Since launching in March 2014, PoundWishes has raised over $500,000 in PoundWish donations and helped nearly 1,500 animals who require surgeries to repair broken limbs, medication for skin conditions, and caring rehabilitation from the effects of abuse. In every case, we’re inspired by the animals’ ability to forgive, accept help graciously and love unconditionally.

Helping the Helpers: Shelter and Animal Rescue Support Service

There are more than 13,600 shelters dedicated to finding homes for millions of animals in their care every year. Many of these organizations struggle to afford medical care or don’t have access to pet lovers across the U.S. who are willing to help – particularly when they see a pet’s unique story and can watch how their donation transforms a sick, injured or scared animal into an adoptable family pet.

For these groups, PoundWishes is a powerful tool to reach more people, raise more funds and serve more animals. PoundWishes works with over with 150 shelters and is actively partnering with groups nationwide that share the mission of ending the needless euthanasia of millions of pets. In addition to the wishes, the site also features adoption listings, a search tool to find local pets and helpful content on finding and caring for dogs and cats.

Our Mission at PoundWishes: Ending Health Related Euthanasia

Every year, 2.7 million pets in animal shelters in the United States are euthanized- the number one cause being illness. PoundWishes connects shelters and animal rescue groups with pet lovers to raise funds for special needs pets. Every year three to four million pets are euthanized in shelters due to health problems, overcrowding or lack of resources.

PoundWishes is the only group focused on giving these pets a second chance by raising the funds necessary to nurture them back to healthy, happy and adoptable.


  • $25 / $450 ,

    Heartworm treatment for Zeke!!

  • $245 / $600 ,

    Medical /vetting senior owner surrender Tiger

  • $395 / $1100 ,


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