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Rescue is not

Rescue is not

Recently, I've had the opportunity to meet a few pet owners that know I am part of a rescue program. They have proudly shared with me that they too 'rescued' their pet. When I ask more about their rescue experience, I am saddened to learn that they do not fully understand what it means to rescue an animal. This lack of understanding doesn't take away from how much they love or care for their pet, but it overlooks the very hard work that volunteers do to rescue animals, and highlights how the word "Rescue" is being misused.

To understand what rescue is, one needs to know what rescue is not.

Rescue is NOT:

1. Buying an animal from a pet store

2. Buying an animal from a breeder

3. Selecting an animal from a basket with a ribbon around its neck

4. It is certainly not buying an animal from a 'post it' note on the wall at a vet's office or the trunk of a car in a parking lot.

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