The Dirty Words of Rescue - Adoption Fee


If there are two words that are bound to get people's knickers in a twist around rescue, it's Adoption Fees. What is the right amount to ask? My answer: there isn't one.  

So, go by what is fair. The problem, of course, is that 'fairness' lies in the wallet of the beholder.  

Road Dogs is primarily breed specific rescue of 'Lovable Lemons' ie French and English bulldogs. Buying a bulldog from a breeder on average costs over $2000, and they are expensive breeds to maintain since prone to health issues. Yet some people expect rescue to be a 'cheap' way of getting one.

Generally, my adoption fees range from $400 -$1000 depending on age and health etc. That sounds a lot, and leads many to assume that rescuers are all about profit and bling. 

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