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10 Reasons You May Be in the Doghouse This Valentine's Day

10 Reasons You May Be in the Doghouse This Valentine's Day

One holiday season is over and red and pink hearts have begun to fill the storefronts. While everyday should be filled with love, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful chance to dote on your special someone. 

Besides the traditional candy and flowers, avoiding typical pitfalls can help to make your holiday a little rosier.

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Shy About PDA

Waking up to hugs and kisses is a small (and inexpensive) way to show your affection.
Little things can go a long way and will keep the focus on what’s important.

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Take Life Too Seriously

The most popular trait in a mate is humor, so do not let the stress of Valentine’s Day take over.
Laughing will increase endorphins and create a deeper bond with the person you love

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Trouble Listening When Sports Are On

While it’s an old staple, it stands true for so many. Paying attention when someone is talking makes them feel validated.
It may be hard, but just a little eye contact is enough to make your partner feel loved and valued. 

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Forget To Put The Toilet Seat Down

Another traditional cliché, but this little habit can portray a sense of respect, cleanliness, and even love.
Take a moment, others will appreciate the gesture.

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Freeze You Out

Communication is a difficult skill to grasp, especially when you’re frustrated.
Calmly discussing your feelings will help your mate understand you more and develop a solid foundation for the future.

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Hog The Bed

Cuddling was invented to correct this problem.

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Bring Work Home

You’re busy doing amazing things all day, so it may be tempting to answer calls or emails once your bunny slippers are on.
Setting boundaries will not only will make your loved one feel cherished, but studies have shown your work benefits too!

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Keep Others Waiting

Sending a quick text shows that you are respectful of their time.
It’s not that they won’t wait, but the smile that greets you may be a little cheerier.

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Mention Excess Weight

Fat and happy is a very real thing. That being said, any negative comment regarding weight will only get you in trouble.
Going on active dates or cooking healthy meals at home is a great way to ensure your relationship stays positive and you both will continue to feel incredible.

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Say “I Love You” Instead of Showing It

It doesn’t have to be an overpriced bouquet, diamonds, or a hot air balloon, but offering little signs of your affection say more than words.
Make a point to do a little something this February 14, they deserve it.

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