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This Is Our Story

This Is Our Story

Over the last two years poundWISHES has been motivated by our amazing rescues, shelters and sanctuaries across the country. As we continue to grow to help save more animals lives, we want to introduce you to what inspired us to begin. A little girl-who had endured more than most at her age-had a big dream. And her dream was made into a reality. 

poundWISHES was inspired by a young girl named McKenzi, who was diagnosed with leukemia. After two and a half years of chemotherapy, the Make-a-Wish Foundation granted her a long awaited wish: to be a princess for a day at Disneyland. That day was one she would never forget and her gratitude for this gift would stick with her.

When McKenzi luckily started to go into remission, and she soon started asked her parents for a puppy. Upon consent, her parents took her to the local shelter; but unfortunately, when McKenzi looked around, what she saw was a far cry from what she imagined. Instead of happy dogs running around, she saw many sad animals in dire need of help. At just five years old, McKenzi turned to her father and asked, “Why are there so many sad dogs here?” As her father thought how to explain such a difficult situation, McKenzi continued, “Is there a make-a-wish for dogs?”

Seven years later, McKenzi started poundWISHES with her dad -- a make-a-wish for animals in need. Today, poundWISHES helps animal-welfare nonprofits raise money through crowdfunding; we support over 800 rescues and shelters across the country and have started to expand internationally. And unlike the ASPCA or the Humane Society who gives less than 4% of their donations to local rescues and shelters, poundWISHES gives over 90% of all funds raised directly to the animals. In addition, the poundWISHES Foundation gives grants every week for urgent cases through the Weekly Wish program.

But we need your support. Without the help from our growing community, poundWISHES wouldn't be possible. With over a thousand campaigns on, you'll see that there is so much work to be done, from urgent surgeries and vital medications to habitat building and mass transport to get animals to a safe place. It is only with compassionate animal lovers like you that these animals can be saved.

We are asking you to join our movement: #IBelieveinKindness at And in McKenzi's words: we thank you for being a part of the poundWISHES family and the overwhelming love and support that you give to animals in need. 



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