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Make this Winter Warm for Your Pet

Make this Winter Warm for Your Pet

We're entering the most wonderful time of the year, as we embrace the chilly holiday season. Winter can be so magical with gorgeous white rooftops, snowmen and crackling fireplaces. Alas, with all the beauty that comes with winter, it's important to prepare for the frosty air. And our beloved pets need help preparing, too, to ensure they are well equipped to take on frigid temperatures. poundWISHES has picked the perfect items to keep your pets warm and cozy, so they can rightfully enjoy the winter cold. 


Jackets, sweaters, and scarves are staples of winter. As you bundle up, don't forget to include your fur-friend. A sweater & scarf combo is not just a fashion statement for your pooch, but rather a necessity. Some dog breeds are fortunate to have thick fur that keeps them warm naturally, but dogs with less fur may need to wear an outer layer when it's cold. A great example of a sweater for your dog is the one on Wally's wishlist! This adorable heavyweight coat is water and windproof, perfect for your dog to frolic in the snow. But even with a cozy coat, don't keep your dog out for too long in freezing temperatures; they, like humans, can run the risk of hypothermia.


With blankets of snow surrounding you, there is no problem hibernating indoors with your pooch. Having a cozy bed for your dog will keep them nice and comfortable. The chill of winter may cause your floor to become colder than usual, so having their own bedding is perfect for them to stay warm. poundWISHES offers plenty of dog beds that come in different shapes and sizes. Rescue pet Truman has a comfy bed, perfect for his size on his wishlist and Candy has a soft plush one on hers!


This item is a no brainer must-have – everyone loves blankets, and even more so, during winter;and your dog is no exception. Don't you love wrapping yourself in a big fluffy blanket? It's no surprise, your pup does, too. There's nothing like being wrapped up, feeling safe and warm. Dogs give us those lovely, fuzzy feelings too, so it's important to give it back by gifting them a precious blanket. Sweet Violet needs a cozy treat this winter, and she has just the blanket on her wishlist! 

Skin Issues/Dry Chapped Weather:

Dry and cold weather can have an effect on your pet's skin. Help prevent dry, flaky skin by adding a skin and coat supplement to his food. Since the cold weather can cause chapped skin for your dog or exaggerate an ongoing skin issue, soothing shampoos and creams can also be important to have in stock during these winter months. Mama Ina a major surgery, that left her belly vulnerable. Her rescuers use a soothing oatmeal shampoo to keep her skin calm!


Of course, you and your pet are going to need something to do indoors when it's too cold outside. Answer: Toys! There are many toys your dog will love. What's trending right now are the plush toys and bones. If you pick up one of those, your dog will be quite the happy indoor camper. Plush toys are soft and cozy (and often squeak to the delight of your fur-baby), and many new products are coming out with great designs for every owner's style -- from posh to hipster to cutesy. Buster has a list of items they need on their wishlist and is asking for toys this holiday season. Pick him one that matches your style!

Heating Mat:

Dogs will often seek heat during cold winter weather by snuggling up to heating sources. However, they can get too close; sometimes pets wind up getting burned by heaters or fireplaces. To help battle the cold without the risk, consider purchasing a self-warming pet pads. Self-warming pads are made from unique materials that utilize and absorb your pet's own body heat to keep them warm. Mouse would be the perfect choice to gift a self-warming pad to. His tiny body would really benefit from the extra warmth!

Paying special attention to your loyal friend's well-being during the winter season will ensure that you both enjoy the season to the fullest.

During this giving season, also consider helping out rescue animals in need who don't yet have owners to spoil them. We have many animals on the poundWISHES platform who need funds for medical needs, as well as wishlists for products. Consider checking off a rescue's holiday list: To give back further, you can choose to become a monthly donor by joining our wishpack:



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