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The Founder’s Report: A PoundWishes Podcast Feature 

This special show was created by Dan Miklosz, Host and Executive Producer of The Founder’s Report. While scrolling through PoundWishes Dan stumbled upon a puppy named Dexter. Over the next three months, Dan followed this little puppy’s journey and created a podcast to share the incredible power rescue has to make a family complete.

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PoundWishes listed as the #1 Innovative Startup by Launch Festival 2016

PoundWishes: You guys know how much I love animals. I’m always on the lookout for innovation in animal welfare, and this one makes pet’s lives easier to extend in critically underfunded shelters. Because shelters typically have difficulty raising money for operating costs, PoundWishes aims at providing crowdfunding for animals .....
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PoundWishes Offers Rescues a New Tool for Fundraising

While it may take an entire village to raise a child, it takes a mere crowd to help a pooch and you can be part of that crowd through a unique fundraising organization called PoundWishes!...
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