IDEAMENSCH: Natalise Kalea Chief Operating Officer of CUDDLY

Natalise Kalea is the Chief Operating Officer of CUDDLY, based in Los Angeles, CA. She oversees key functions including growth marketing & branding, operations, strategy, and.. read more

OFFICIAL RELEASE: Pet Tech Leader CUDDLY Celebrates the Special Bond Humans Have with Their Pets via an Innovative Product Registry Platform

Like a baby registry, but for pets, CUDDLY celebrates its launch today, featuring thousands of curated products and popular brands for furry-friends. The creatively-designed CUDDLY website aims to provide the best product.. read more

VOYAGELA: Meet Natalise Kalea of in Los Angeles

My path has taken a few different (and fun) turns. I was born in San Francisco with... I guess you could say, "tiger parents." But, I was always a super creative kid whose favorite bands fluctuated between Queen and.. read more

THE STARTUP GROWTH: CUDDLY // Pop Quiz with Natalise Kalea

The biggest challenge is prioritization. As a startup, there is so much to do all the time. Every day, you have to make a choice as to what you need to do and can handle today and what can be done tomorrow. [read more]

WPTV: Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

WPTV Broadcast [watch]

KCAL: Holiday Gifts for Pets

KCAL Broadcast [watch]

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