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C.A.R.E. aka: Cat/Canine Assistance, Referral & Education

Some organizations mainly focus on spay and neuter services and do no direct animal rescue or care. Other organizations help colonies of feral cats, providing them food in their existing settings such as parking lots or warehouse districts. Still others specialize in rescuing highly adoptable pets, housing them for short periods in foster homes and holding adoption programs. In addition to doing all the above, C.A.R.E. specializes in the long-term care of animals who are conventionally unadoptable whether they are handicapped, chronically ill, behaviorally challenged or simply old. Yes, we do rescue adoptable animals and find them homes, but our focus is on the unadoptable ones who may have faced abuse, neglect, severe deprivation, and disease. These animals require time and a quiet place to heal, physically and emotionally.

Pets cared for by C.A.R.E. aka: Cat/Canine Assistance, Referral & Education

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