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Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue

Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue is a volunteer based, non profit, 501(c)3 organization located in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Starting in 2011, a small, grassroots network of 10 to 12 animal lovers worked together to rehabilitate 6 to 10 rescued dogs at a time, until that rescue is ready for placement as a companion animal. We pull dogs from local NJ kill-shelters, the New York City Animal Care and Control's nightly “To Be Destroyed” List, and Philadelphia's Animal Care and Control.  

We are committed to providing spay/neuter, all appropriate medical treatment, foster homes/kenneling, training, socializing, and creating behavioral improvement plans for every dog who enters Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue.  Pick Your Paw makes a lifetime commitment to each dog to help them become stable pets and to match them to their best forever home. 

Pets cared for by Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue

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