Success Stories

  • Puerto Rican Street Dog Recovery

    It's Another Feel Good PoundWish Success Story! We partnered with Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico​ so they would be able to help street dogs in Puerto Rico. This is the amazing transformation of one dog in particular Mama Willow. Willow is still on the streets because she is difficult to capture however, sneaking in vet treatments in her meals have improved her health and skin conditions. Her puppy is now healthy as well! 
  • Puerto Rican Street Dog Gets a Second Chance

    Anasco Rio was found starving in the streets of Puerto Rico.   She was very anemic and malnourished. Unfortunately, there are too many dogs like Anasco Rio on the streets of Puerto Rico. There are more dogs than homes for them, so rescues are working to help them heal and fly them to a family who will appreciate them. Although she was skin and bones at first, now she is a happy and healthy dog looking forward to a wonderful future.
  • Charlie's Jaw Repair & Emaciation Recovery

    Charlie, from Waverly Animal Shelter, was discovered as an emaciated stray with a severely broken jaw. He needed major surgery and a brace if he was ever going to have a chance of eating normally and a healthy jaw again. After months of recovery, vet visits, and delicate care PoundWishes and Waverly Animal Shelter were able to raise enough money for Charlie's medical expenses. Photographed on the right is Charlie smiling and looking very handsome after he got his brace off. Donations make dogs,...Read More
  • Lokie Breaks the Chain into a Loving Home

    Lokie went from a life chained between a wall and truck, no love, no walks, and not knowing when or if his next meal was coming, to a life filled with yummy food, play, walks, and lots and lots of love. ​​​​This beautiful German Shepherd's transformation began when Animals Rule Rescue saved him from this miserable life and gave him the care and rehabilitation he needed. To cover the costs, Animals Rule Rescue needed to raise $1600. They did this in no time with their fundraising...Read More
  • Maxwell's Story of Survival

    In December 2015, Maxwell, a 2 year old American Bulldog mix, was found unresponsive imprisoned in a small crate in an abandoned hotel room in Austin. Maxwell was left alone to slowly die in the room. The exact length of time Maxwell was locked in his crate is unknown, but his body had ceased producing waste. Maxwell's tired, starved body was shutting down. Death was looming. When Animal Cruelty detectives found Maxwell, he was extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and a clear victim of animal...Read More
  • Buddy's Journey to Mobility

    Buddy came to Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care, (CCAC) in severe condition. He was anemic from blood loss, grossly underweight, and his entire body was infested with fleas. To make matters worse he had tape worms and was vomiting rocks that he was eating to survive. He was also unable to walk properly due to his severely disfigured back legs. His foster mom wasn't sure if Buddy would improve and it seemed that he had given up. Buddy...Read More
  • Spot's Transformation

    Spot was emaciated, sick, and alone before his rescue. Thanks to the amazing work from Their Lives Matter Inc. and PoundWishes, even he can not believe how good he looks and now has a forever loving home!
  • Gwen's Healing

    Little Gwen was found as a stray in Michigan by a good Samaritan who took her to the local shelter hoping that someone would be missing her and would claim her......but sadly, this did not happen. The shelter then contacted NBRAN (National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network) because Gwen needed A LOT of help and she was extremely thin at 22 lbs. It was obvious that she had been on her own for a while. NBRAN's vet thoroughly examined Gwen and found out that she had many things going on,...Read More
  • Bailey's Miraculous Road to Healing

    Bailey is about 8 years old. She was surrendered because her family could no longer afford to care for her. She came to us on April 28, 2016, weighing only 37 pounds. She should have weighed 60 to 65 pounds. When she was picked at the Humane Society, she was too weak to walk and had to be carried to the car. The vet wasn't sure she would make it through the night. Our wonderful vets and their caring staff members quickly went to work examining Bailey to determine what ailments she might have....Read More
  • Love and Redemption in Rescue

    Ainsley Orton Tate is a 5-year-old bulldog who was surrendered by his owner when the little dog's health issues became too much to handle. Bulldogs are known to encounter health problems and the corresponding large vet bills can become unmanageable. After a long gap between appointments, Ainley's groomer was shocked to see the rapid decline that had taken place in his appearance - but thankfully she was able to persuade the owner to relinquish him to rescue. Ainsley was treated for severe...Read More
  • The Face of Rescue

    Dexter was rescued with 6 other puppies. These 6 puppies were the only survivors of a 22 puppy litter born from 2 mothers who lived in chains. All of the puppies were born in the dirt. Once the puppies were them safely with the shelter, Dexter was examined and had fleas and worms. He then was discovered to have coccidia diarrhea followed with parvo. Just as Georgia Animal Rescue Defence, Inc- GARD got him over the hump in his parvo treatment, they found him with a bursted snout. Georgia Animal...Read More
  • Worst Embedded Collar We have Ever Seen

    Josie is a 1 year old border collie mix female. She was found emaciated in South Carolina, running down the street with a double choke collar deeply embedded into her neck. It is a wonder that she made it, and certainly a miracle. The collar had almost gone through her jugular vein! She underwent surgery on 8/27 to repair the damage and remove the collar.  On top of the embedded collar, this poor sweet dog was also covered in fleas and extremely malnourished. It's hard to tell with her...Read More
  • Miss Kiss A Story of Hope

    Meet Miss Kiss, a beautiful and innocent young cat who became the target of inexplicable hate. She was found with a blow dart in her head after being shot by a cruel and abusive person. One blow dart was clearly visible, however the vet found a second blow dart tip in a closer examination. The tip pierced the back of her eye, leaving her blind and eventually requiring her eye to be removed.  The cruelty involved with her story sparked mass publicity throughout the Utah town...Read More
  • Big Love for a Little Cat

    Little 'House' needed help to fix a life that has not beenkind to her. She first appeared as a stray to an Operation Pets Alive foster'sdoor, thin and emaciated and dragging an injured limb with an open wound aboveit. House would come and go, and finally her foster was able to catch her andbegin the process of getting her much-needed nourishment. Slowly House began totrust, and her foster was able to get a better look at her wound.When House walked, her toes curl completely back on theinjured...Read More
  • Baby Joyce The Miracle Kitten

    Poor Baby Joyce was found as a stray and was extremely injured with no use of her back legs.After many x-rays and vet visits, we were convinced that her back legs would never regain strength. Baby Joyce was placed in a foster home where she received special care. One day during her recovery a miracle happened, Baby Joyce started to recognize touch and movement in her back legs! Although Baby Joyce was still recovering physically from her time on the streets, we were so thrilled to see her get...Read More
  • Motor Oil Miracle

    Sassy was picked up at midnight and rushed into rescue after a desperate call went out. She was drenched in motor oil in a misguided attempt to get rid of her fleas. Her ear had calcified, she was practically blind, and her skin had been ravaged by hundreds of fleas.  Her body was broken, oozing, bloody, and sore, but the regenerative power of rescue saved her from the outrageous neglect she had survived. Today she is living with a loving foster and is looking forward to finding a...Read More
  • Let Frosty Melt Your Heart

    Frosty is a street cat from Puerto Rico who was part of a TNR (trap neuter release) program in Nov 2015. Frosty decided that he liked the 'trap' part and better then the 'release' part and has stayed close to the home of the volunteer who helped him since. Frosty had an awful neck injury that has been difficult to treat on the street. He has been to the vet on three different occasions but continues to scratch the wound. Although Frosty is basically 'friendly' he won't allow the volunteers on...Read More
  • The dog with nine lives.

    A good Samaritan reached out to Their Lives Matter Inc. to help a dog named Baxter who had been left a lone in an apartment on and off due a death in the family. Upon arrival, the rescuer found him laying in his own bloody diarrhea. Their Lives Matter Inc. convinced the "owner" to surrender him so they could get him the medical treatment he needed. Baxter had severe hookworms, trichuris infestation, a major fever, and was experiencing convulsions. The vet immediately gave Baxter a blood...Read More
  • Annalee healthy and happy!

    This sweet girl walked through Animal Ark Rescue's doors from Animal Control. Annalee was nothing but skin and bone, her nails were overgrown, and she was heartworm positive. She had birthed a litter or two of puppies. Despite her neglect Annalee's tail will not stop wagging and all she wants is to be loved. PoundWishes quickly helped Annalee raise $530 of her $500 fundraising goal. She is now safe and fully recovered. Annalee has a full belly, a snuggled blanket, clean water, is flea free, and...Read More
  • Angel De Lajas Survivor

    Angel was saved from the streets of Lajas, Puerto Rico other known as "dead dog beach", this is a stretch of sand and jungle on the islands southeastern side where people dump their dogs. Lajas is an hour away from rescue, Defensa Animal de Rincon. Some good Samaritans saw Angel struggling and knew he needed them to be his voice. They immediately posted to Facebook and mentioned if they got enough people to rally together and share Angel's needs he would soon make it to care with Defensa...Read More
  • Sadie, Saved From Death.

    Sadie was saved from death from a very rural high kill shelter in Florida. She was heartworm positive, had double ear infections, tested positive for tick-borne disease, and tapeworms. Their Lives Matters Inc.'s need of funds for Sadie were great, but were able to raise $1,740 out of Sadie's $1,700 goal with PoundWishes!Soon after Sadie fully recovered from here medical care and found a forever home! Here is a message from her rescuers at Their Lives Matter Inc. when they got the great news of...Read More
  • Surrounded by Love

    Meet Jewels. She spent all 9 years of her life outside being used as a breeding machine.  Her owners watched as her tumor grew and grew and did nothing about it.  Thankfully, a family member stepped in and worked to make sure that Jewels made her way into rescue to get the help that she so desperately deserved.  Without this family member looking out for her, we don't know what would have happened to her and we're so grateful for them being her angel and bringing her...Read More
  • Calle flys to his forever home.

    Poor Calle was found weak and severely malnourished, abandoned on a highway in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tourists driving from the San Juan Airport to Rincon graciously decided to help him out. They found Calle's sweet demeanor and appreciation of their kindness truly heartwarming, as he loving came up and kissed their faces.After feeding Calle, he curled up and fell asleep on the lap of his new friends. In many cases, caring individuals have the love but not the funds necessary to rescue dogs...Read More
  • A Miraculous Intervention

    Meet Mr Bean - He was rescued from the Downey Shelter within a couple hours of being euthanized due to his medical status. The shelters did not have the resources to care for such sick animals.We got a call from the shelter late in that afternoon asking if we could take him, as he was sick and they would PTS if we don't take him ASAP. SCBR volunteers immediately stepped into action rushing through LA traffic to pick him up in time and get him to our vet's...Read More
  • Age is Just a Number

    Moses had a lot of medical issues that weren't addressed in his younger years and left him in an acute need of medical care to fix his eyes, dental care and heartworm treatments to prepare him to be adopted. Moses had one surgery to fix his eyes, do the dental work and neuter him to save him the stress of multiple surgeries.  We were too late to help him much for his deformed legs that were either broken or he was born with and grew deformed with no treatments to fix when...Read More
  • From Dog Fighting to Family Dog

    At the tender age of 2, Tyson had known nothing but a life of pain and misery.  We rescued Tyson from the shelter; he was rescue only and at risk of euthanasia.  One of our dedicated volunteers went to the shelter right away and brought him straight to our vet.  The second we took a look at Tyson, we could see how rough of a life he has had.  His face and neck was covered in dried blood and puncture wounds.  We weren't sure what his role...Read More
  • Handsome and Healed

    Hommie has always been cute, but his life has been pretty bad for the past couple years.  Hommie came to rescue as an owner surrender at 8 years old. Because of his families' circumstances, they weren't able to afford any medical care for quite a while. He had been suffering with ear infections until he was surrendered to rescue as his last chance option.  As a result of years of untreated infections, Hommie's ears are now almost closed from infections and to the point...Read More
  • Better Together

    Chip and Dale were a bonded pair who needed medical treatment and surgery. Southern California Bulldog Rescue kept them side by side and after healing, they were adopted together. Today they are living the good life in Northern California and doing wonderfully.  
  • Puppy with a High Premium

    Petey was just a few months old and had already been though a lot in his short life. 'Bad break' is more than just a cute term here since he really did break his rear leg. Accidents often happen to young pups as they play and rough house while becoming part of a family. Sadly, one accident for Petey led to him being brought a local vet to be euthanized due to a femoral (hind leg) fracture. The surgery is costly, the time to heal can be several weeks and inconvenient for a family to deal with...Read More
  • A Leg Up

    At the young age of 3, Billy was turned into the shelter as a "stray" dog with severe bite wounds on his head, neck and front left leg.  The leg wound and bites are so bad and have been left untreated for so long that it looked like his leg might need to be amputated to prevent the current infection from going septic and taking his life.  He was in an immense amount of pain and anguish due to the neglect of his former owner. After so much neglect from humans, Billy was finally able...Read More
  • Barbie's Dream Home

    Barbie was abandoned in the country and was wandering alone until she was lucky enough o be picked up by a kind Samaritan. She was struggling with her and Boston Terrier of North Texas drove her 200 miles to get her the medical help she needed. Despite her femur being broken, she was still happy and playful- with a special fondness for her tennis ball.The only way to fix her femur was to re-break it, straighten it, and add a plate and screws. After capturing the hearts of PoundWishes'...Read More
  • Shelby's Success

    Shelby is a stray that chose a new home with a nice family that already had animals and children. They were willing to give her a home, but were not able to afford the medical bills that are needed for her surgery. They were not looking for another animal, but felt bad for her situation and great need. She remained a happy girl in spite of the burden she carried. The family contacted Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care for help. We of course were willing to step in the help Shelby and...Read More
  • Zeek Thanks You

    Zeek was picked up by a good samaritan standing in the middle of a very busy intersection in the Cutler Bay area of Florida. They called Chain of Love Abandoned Rescue because of a horrible growth on the shaft of his penis and they knew they did not have the means to take care of him. When we arrived, there was blood on the side walk and he was rushed to the vet. Even though he was in pain, all he wanted to do was give kisses and touch you with his paw. When he arrived at the vet he immediately...Read More
  • Rescued Near Death, Saved & Love For Life.

    Evergreen was found in Everglades National Park by a Ranger who saw her exhausted and walking into bushes to rest. This loving dog was dumped in the East District of Everglades where there are nothing but canals and swamps. She is senior American Bulldog, around 10 years old. Evergreen was quickly taken to Aussie Animal Hospital for a full evaluation and had two mammary gland tumors that need to be removed, hypothyroidism, needed to be spayed, and was highly emaciated, just skin and bones....Read More
  • Picture Perfect Puppy

    She was only four weeks old when this endearing American Eskimo dog/Chihuahua mix earned her regal name: Princess. Surrendered to us by a woman unable to afford her care, poor Princess was suffering from a prolapsed rectum. Although our vet successfully "tucked everything" back in, the condition had already existed for a week, raising the possibility of some dead or dying tissue. Princess was fighting for her life, but thanks to the heroic efforts of Utah Valley Animal Rescue, she is now...Read More
  • Rocky's Road to Recovery!

    Rocky showed up as a stray in a good Samaritans backyard. He has lost one eye and had very poor vision in the other, he also was extremely skinny and weak. The person whose yard Rocky strolled into had really fallen in love with him however, did not have the funds to transport or take him to a vet. The good samaritan called Defensa knowing they would immediately agree to rescue Rocky.A Defensa volunteer helped with the transportation request and got Rocky to his first vet visit. Rocky's eye...Read More
  • A Song in Banjo's Heart

    Banjo came to Puyallup Animal Rescue from an abusive situation in Easter Washington. This little boy had been living his life on a chain, being starved and kicked until his owner was turned into the authorities and Banjo was rescued. For several months, Banjo was in foster care. Everyone he meets fell in love with him. He is cuddly, calm, playful, and sweet. We knew he would make a family very happy someday. Unfortunately, he was not adoptable. When he first came to us he was not able to...Read More
  • The Power of Faith

    Meet Faith. She was named because we want to redeem her faith in people.  This precious girl was treated as no dog, or any living creature for that matter, should ever be treated. A Good Samaritan was driving down the road in Buena Park, CA and noticed a wire dog crate on the side of the road.  Plenty of people drove past this crate, maybe even walked past it, and did nothing, but thankfully this angel did stop and look.  What she discovered was 2 dogs (one was Faith) shivering...Read More
  • Highway Stray to Healthy Forever Home

    Meet Ziggy. Ziggy was just a baby at 12 weeks old when he was found lying in a busy street for hours barely able to move, very sick with what the vet described as the most extreme case of ear mites they have ever seen. If that wasn't enough for this poor baby, he also has Sarcoptic Mange, Hookworm, and Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He has having trouble keeping his balance and walking straight.The good news is that all of Ziggy's medical issues are treatable! His rescuer did everything possible...Read More
  • A bait dog finds his happily ever after

    Edwin was seized by the Chicago Police Department back in November 2015 during a raid on a known dog fighter's residence. Edwin was in the worst shape of all of them. He was emaciated, his left eye appeared to be caved in, his scrotum was black from acid burn, and his skin was in varied stages of disintegration. His face, neck and front legs were covered in infected holes, from dogs biting and clawing at his face. His back legs and sheath were weak and appeared elongated from being dangled...Read More
  • Rescued and Retired

    Tyson was 11 years old and surrendered by his owners that were no longer able to care for him - the option recommended by most was to put to sleep or leave at a shelter.Lucky for Tyson, he had someone that was a friend and reached out to rescues to get him help and found So Cal Bulldog Rescue.   What we noticed first was the mass on his size that needed to be removed and secondly that he was a senior dog that really needed help as soon as possible. Tyson went into surgery for a...Read More
  • Furry and ready for a Furrever home!

    Ash is in Guanica, Puerto Rico and was found in this condition a month ago in a very dangerous area. The person who feed him did not have the financial resources to help him and posted a video on Facebook seeking for help. Ash is around 8 months not older than one year old, very sweet but his skin is in very bad condition with hair loss, redness on some areas and possible infection.He was scheduled to be rescued 11/4/16 and was taken to the vet clinic for a check up, to get flea...Read More
  • Hope, a true survivor.

    Hope was found tied to a tree with half of her face infested with maggots in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Unfortunately finding dogs tied up and abandoned in this condition happens all too often in Jamaica. Hope came to founder Tammy Browne on a Sunday, when no vets were available. Luckily Tammy is a Veterinarian Technician and was able to start hydrating and cleaning her up right away. Hope was so incredibly weak, and the maggots were so awful however, she still managed to show appreciation by...Read More
  • Hulk's Journey & Foster Failure

Animal Control had been called to confiscate Hulk from his previous owners who were neglecting this sweet bulldog. 
Hulk is a loving 112 pound bulldog who unfortunately was placed in a kill shelter and was next in line to be euthanized. He had been in the shelter for a long while and needed to be rescued immediately!
 Hulk is a huge boy and was born with shoulder deformities and had an pneumonia while sitting in the kill shelter. It was urgent and Their Lives Matter Inc. stepped up and...Read More
  • Wild Man and His New Pack

    Wild Man was rescued after an elderly breeder relinquished 11 huskies. Many of the huskies were in poor condition after being kept in crates and having extremely limited time outdoors. Green Hills Animal Shelter stepped in when a friend of the breeder asked for help and took 5 dogs on their first visit and an additional 6 on their second.  Once in rescue, Wild Man was found to have a mass on his body that veterinarians believe is an undescended testicle that could be cancerous. He is...Read More
  • Attacked, Saved, and Healed.

    Sampson was found hiding in the drain pipe at the end of his rescuers driveway. He was shaking and clearly scared to death, he's been attacked by the neighborhood dogs, has mange and severe worms. He is adorable but has found himself abandoned, injured, unhealthy and in need of vet care. Thankfully the drain Sampson coward in was in front of a home that would not let him suffer. PoundWishes was quickly able to raise him $500 for his vet visits and rehabilitation. Sampson's medical needs...Read More
  • Miracle Molly & Her Emergency Surgery

    Molly was found on the streets of Miami. She is a senior and was found with a huge hernia. She seemed to have suffered for a very long time. Molly's entire small/large intestines, kidneys, liver and spleen were in the hernia. Luckily the vet said she could be saved if she fought through and survived the intense surgery. PoundWishes was able to raise $1,634 out of her $1,500 fundraising goal within 24 hours for her urgent surgery! Little Molly fought through and survived her major Hernia...Read More
  • Donny Domes Finds His Home.

    Donny Domes was named after a famous surf spot in Rincon Puerto Rico, Domes Beach. On Jan 4th, he was sighted alone, hungry, sick, but friendly (with people and dogs) on Domes Beach.  After being featured in several social media posts, it was clear Donny Domes had been at the beach alone for several days and likely was dumped there. People know the surf beaches are likely spots for rescues to happen. In this instance, it was true. A beautiful, local family saw a social media post and...Read More