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In December 2015, Maxwell, a 2 year old American Bulldog mix, was found unresponsive imprisoned in a small crate in an abandoned hotel room in Austin. Maxwell was left alone to slowly die in the room. The exact length of time Maxwell was locked in his crate is unknown, but his body had ceased producing waste. Maxwell's tired, starved body was shutting down. Death was looming. When Animal Cruelty detectives found Maxwell, he was extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and a clear victim of animal cruelty. At 31 pounds, he looked like a skeleton of a dog with skin and patches of what black fur remained from his once full coat draped over him, and in some places the skin was worn away exposing bones and tendons. Maxwell was too weak to stand on his own; he could not eat--- he had no energy to lift his atrophied head, and his previous foster mother barely recognized him when detectives asked her to identify him. It is a miracle Maxwell survived after being found. He needed weekly visits, weekly lab work, medications, supplements, and specialists. Because he was so malnourished, he had ulcers created from his bones rubbing against his muscle and skin which need to be treated as they are infected with both staff and strep bacteria. His immune system was greatly weakened due to the neglect he suffered. He faced issues with his liver functions and has a heart murmur and his white blood cells are out of control. His health could rapidly deteriorate at any moment if he didn't continue aggressive treatment. Pflugerville Pets Alive! and PoundWishes did everything possible to spread the word about Maxwell's urgent medical care. Proudly raising $2,923.00 of his $800 goal we couldn't be more thankful for the donors who stepped up to contribute to saving Maxwell's life. Maxwell is fully recovered and will never suffer again.

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