Angel De Lajas Survivor

Angel was saved from the streets of Lajas, Puerto Rico, otherwise known as "dead dog beach". This is a stretch of sand and jungle on the island's Southeastern side where people dump their dogs. Lajas is an hour away from our rescue Defensa Animal de Rincon. Some good Samaritans saw Angel struggling and knew he needed them to be his voice. They immediately posted to Facebook and mentioned if they got enough people to rally together and share Angel's needs, he would soon make it to care with Defensa Animal de Rincon Rescue. 

Shortly after, Angel came to Defensa Animal de Rincon Rescue with a severe case of demodex/tiny parasitic mites infesting his whole body. These parasites also caused Angel to break out in a high fever, so he was rushed to urgent care where he was treated and monitored.

Because of the good Samaritans spreading the word and PoundWishes helping raise $1,922, a dog like Angel is able to stop suffering on the streets of Puerto Rico and eventually find his forever family. 

Angel had been transported to New York City where he has found his forever home! Please enjoy this video of Angel on a run with his new Dad. 

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